Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CAUTION: Venting

I hate the "in turn" arguement. As a Comment to the orginal Heisman post back in December I received a plea for Appy St. QB Amanti Edwards:

"Armanti Edwards is the Truth. He should win the Heisman, he's the best all around football player in the country. He handled Michigan, who in turn, handled Tib [ed. note: I assume he meant Tim here but I can't be positive] Tebow's Florida, what other proof do you need..."

So then by that thought process Arizona should have won the National Championship last year right? After all, Arizona beat Oregon, who beat Michigan, who beat Florida, who beat Kentucky, who beat LSU. Just send the trophy back to Tucson. Edwards is in a lower conference, it doesn't matter, there is not chance in hell that he would get enough votes to win. Just because a Sophomore won last year does not mean that all Heisman Voting rules will be thrown out. And for Tebow to win he had to have AMAZING numbers to over come the fact his team had 3 losses (up to that point, 4 total) and that he was a sophomore. For Edwards to win I'm thinking Tom Brady like numbers. Not to mention "The Truth" Edwards only had 17 passing TDs to 7 INTs. Albeit he did have 21 rushing TDs. But hell Joe Flacco had 23 passing TDs, and 4 rushing TDs to only 5 INTs and the only time anyone heard his name was at the Senior Bowl.

Why stop at Armanti Edwards though? Appy St. lost to Georgia Southern who lost to Chattanooga. You're right, take the Heisman from Tebow and ship it to Tennessee c/o Chattanooga Mocs QB Antonio Miller. Miller Quarterbacked the Mocs to a 2-9 (2-5) record with 13 TDs and 13 INTs, congrats Antonio.