Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Famous Number 9s

We have tried to stay above the frey as far as the whole Elliot Spitzer thing is concerned, seeing as how little it relates to sport. Then again it's a topic on Jim Rome, Dan Patrick, and Colin Cowherd which means basically that it has become sport. So client number 9 got us thinking. What other numebr 9s can hang out with ex-governor Spitzer.

How about Adam "Pacman" Jones. Number 9 at West Virginia. I think we all know why Pacman has become famous in the last year, well mroe like infamous. Pacman can't stay out of Strip Clubs and loves throwing money at women. I wonder if Spitzer ever made it rain?

Then there's Tony Parker. After winning the Finals last year Parker went out and got married to Eva Longoria. All seemed well. Then Number 9 went out and had an affair 2 months later.

Are you familiar with Ben Johnson, the olympic medalist who was accused, and proven of doping. Number 9 had to forfeit his medals and records from the 88 games.

Of course you can't have a list of all time great cheaters without mentioning some of the Mitchell Report guys two of which are Matt Williams and Todd Hundley. Both sporting Number 9.

Then lastly, a personal heartbreak of cheating was when Bears Super Bowl Quarterback Number 9 Jim McMahon went on to wear number 9 at not one but 2 of the Bears hated rival teams. In some way it felt as if he was cheating on the Bears.
I guess that Gov. Spitzer will have some company in the pantheon of cheaters or womanizers that sport #9.