Monday, March 3, 2008

"We'll give him back"

Apparently when the Bears go after someone whether, via trade or Free Agency, they only plan on renting or borrowing said player. So far in the off-season ex-Buc-ex-Bear Brian Griese has signed with Tampa Bay (played in Tampa for 2 years before the last couple in Chicago). The Bears also sent Muhsin Muhammad back to Carolina. "Moose" was the Bears #1 receiver for 3 years after playing 9 seasons in Carolina. Fear not Panther fans, Ricky Manning Jr. could be on his way back to Carolina if things continue this way. Other possible upcoming trades include Adam Archuletta back to Washington for a Ham Sandwhich. Expect Philidelphia to pick up recently released DT Darwin Walker.

More proof of this seemingly inane theory. The Bears have re-signed/extended 4 players this off-season:
Lance Briggs (drafted by Chicago)
Rex Grossman (drafted by Chicago)
Kyle Orton (drafted by Chicago)
Alex Brown (drafted by Chicago)

Sure they weren't able to re-sign Berrian, I guess it was just out of their hands. It's an odd phenomoenon in Chicago right now. I suppose Angelo is just saying let us borrow him for a couple years, if it doesn't work out I swear we'll give him back. I guess no one ever accused Angelo of not knowing how to share.