Wednesday, March 19, 2008

NFL Investigating Lack of Offers

If you follow sports one of the recent topics that has come to the attentino of Sports fans is Barry Bonds lack of offers to play baseball this season. He thinks that there might be collusion by owners not signing him.

At first glance you think, teams are going to do what's best for them, and if Bonds will help their team you have to assume they would sign him. But when I really got to thinking about it I started noticing other signs of collusion. What about John Rocker, did you see him on Pros vs. Joes, he's still got it. It's not just baseball either.

First off, I realized that I haven't received any offers to play football. I am obviously going to bring my case to the NFLPA and will send in a letter to Union President Gene Upshaw. This is absurd, why am I sitting in a cubicle when I am over the NFL age limits and a fully capable 23 year old. Don't the Dolphins need a lot of help. This is a little absurd. And I'm not alone, Tommy Maddox isn't in the NFL right now, why isn't he on any rosters. Curtis Enis is ready to strap it up for any NFL team. After Kordell Stewart was released by Baltimore he had "No Comment" that doesn't sound like an official retirement to me.

The NBA isn't innocent either former #1 overall pick and Rookie of the year Derrick Coleman was cut by Detroit not too long ago and isn't lacing them up anymore. Check up on Charles Oakley almost a year ago he said he wanted to comeback, even the Knicks aren't knocking on his door.

This is insane it's a monster conspiracy it goes beyond Bonds and the MLB it goes all the way across all three major sports.

Someone needs to take a serious look at this. Thank you Mr. Bonds for bringing this to our attention.

Or maybe, just MAYBE no one wants to deal with your ego, your Huge (literally) head, the steroid questions every week, the fact that you can only play 3 days a week at most and that you are useless defensively. Maybe it's because there's a chance you could miss the post-season due to jailtime or emergency forehead ear removal. Maybe it's because the only city whose fans cheered for you was San Francisco and they don't want you back. Maybe just maybe no one wants a cancer on their team asking for millions of dollars to get 1 walk in 3 plate appearances per game and 20 Home Runs on the season and they don't want to have to spend extra on syringe removal from both the field and the clubhouse.