Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Proper Favre Tribute

I think that a proper accolades are deserved for Brett Favre. Dom once again has overpowered an article with Bias and has not given proper accolades to one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Now I will not go as far to say that he is the greatest quarterback of all time, but I think there is enough stats, highlights, and legend surrounding Favre to put a pretty solid argument in his behalf. Without a doubt he is my favorite QB ever, and the “Gunslinger” mentality that Dom so harshly dismisses is not only a major part of what made him so great, but a product of his personality as well. In my mind I think that there are probably three other strong cases that are usually made for who would be ranked #1 all time at the position, and because of that I will briefly run down highlight accomplishments to show how they stack up to Favre.

Joe Montana:
In 5391 Attempts he completed 3409 passes resulting in 40,551 Yards and 273 TDs to 139 interceptions. Final QB Rating: 92.3. Where he stands out is 4 Super Bowl Rings and 3 Super Bowl MVPs. He also was named to 8 Pro Bowls and 7 All Pro Teams.

Johny Unitas: In 5186 attempts he completed 2830 passes resulting in 40,239 yards and 290 touchdowns to 253 interceptions. Final QB Rating: 78.2. He was a three time NFL champion, 1 time Super Bowl Champion, 10 time Pro Bowl Selection, 9 time All Pro selection, and 3x NFL MVP.

John Elway: In 7,250 attempts he completed 4,123 passes resulting in 51,475 yards and 300 touchdowns to 226 interceptions. Final QB Rating: 79.9. He was also a 9 time selection for pro bowl, 5 time selection for All Pro, 1 Time NFL MVP, and 1 Time Super Bowl Champ in which he was the MVP.

Brett Farve:
In 8,758 Attempts he completed 5,377 passes resulting in 61,655 years and 442 Touchdowns to 288 Interceptions. Final QB Rating: 85.7. He was also a 9 time selection for the Pro Bowl, 7 time selection for All Pro, won 1 Super Bowl, and was a 3 time NFL MVP (Consecutive: 95-97). Career Wins: 160.

In seventeen seasons Favre did just about everything you can imagine. He was exciting and maybe you could classify it as risky, but you have to take risks to get rewards and that’s what he did every Sunday in Green Bay. Certainly his “Gunslinger” mentality was not only unorthodox, but very un-NFL To me that it was made him so appealing, and hey he ended his career with a better QB ratting than Unitas and Elway. In my mind he goes #2 on the list of all time Quarterbacks behind Montana. Favre in my mind played the game for the reason that you should play, he was just having fun. He holds every major passing record in NFL history, he is first balloter to the Hall, and I know if I have a chance to get home I’ll make the trip down to Canton to see it in person. I don’t even want to get into his streak of consecutive starts, all I’ll say is that you would be lucky for your QB to start all 16 games, let alone every game for 16 years.

I know that every major source of Sports media has been flooded with Favre videos and stories over the past couple days, but if you haven’t seen some of the videos of him wired for sounds or coaches talking about his personality you really should. Here are a couple links:

Farves Old Coaches Roundtable
Farve Watching his Own Wired For Sound Videos

Favre this 4 is for you….


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