Monday, March 3, 2008


Part of me belives that there is a good portion of you who are out there and read blogs. I base this on three things. A) This is a blog and you are reading it (caught you red-handed), 2) This specific blog was just me 4Real and BC screwing around doing nothing with our time and we are now getting over 200 unique visitors/day, sure that's not too high of a number but it's still more people than we ever aimed for and we don't advertise anywhere and lastly, C) Blogs, like it or not, are everywhere and in some circles are starting to be seen as legitimate media. Unfortunately members of the Rockies, White Sox, and USC organizations do not see blogging as legitamate or I would have been approved for some of the Press Passes I applied for. Anyway, back to my original point.

Blogs are everywhere, and if you read blogs you should be familiar with It is a blog hub where people submit their blogs for everyone else to read. It's a great site, and this is a free plug for them, because I flat out love the site. Plenty of great breaking information, as well as sarcastic humours articles and videos (much like you see on our site if you are a frequent visitor). Well Yardbarker offers one other thing that is unique to the Blogosphere. Athlete Blogs. Of course you have heard of Schilling and Agent Zero's blogs out there, who hasn't, they are discussed all over. But Yardbarker has a bunch of other athletes giving their perspective of things, as well as responding to articles written about them and their teams/sports.

So I thought why not rank the Top Athlete Barkers (for those yardbarker fans out there) and give the rest of you a list of some of the Athlete blog available on Yardbarker, these are the Top 20 scores, there are at least 20 Verified Athletes available and more are added all of the time.
On a very scientific scale of total Yardbarker score Divided by amount of articles the list goes as follows:

20) Frank Shamrock, UFC: 24 Articles (Since 10-22) 773 points, 6 comments.
19) Kyle Harrison, Lacrosse: 48 Articles (Since 8-21) 1623 points, 103 comments.
18) Jay Bruce, MiLB/MLB: 12 Articles (Since 12-17) 417 points, 54 comments.
17) Robert Guerrero, Boxing: 24 Articles (Since 7-23) 880 points, 107 comments.
16) Bryon Friedman, Skiier: 15 Articles (Since 10-25) 564 points, 36 comments.
15) Shaun Phillips, NFL: 8 Articles (Since 12-22) 307 points, 14 comments.
14) Cletis Gordon, NFL: 19 Articles (Since 1-17) 742 points, 65 comments.
13) Hakim Warrick, NBA: 22 Articles (Since 8-22) 970 points, 14 comments.
12) Bart Scott, NFL: 10 Articles (Since 7-19) 465 points, 11 comments.
11) John Lackey, MLB: 34 Articles (Since 4-20) 2223 points, 116 comments.
10) Chad Billingsley, MLB: 5 Articles (Since 7-10) 344 points, 46 comments.
9) Michael Conley, NBA: 38 Articles (Since 6-6) 2692 points, 65 comments.
8) Carmelo Anthony, NBA: 23 Articles (Since 8-28) 1651 points, 16 comments.
7) Dontrelle Willis, MLB: 12 Articles (Since 11-20) 868 points, 244 comments.
6) Baron Davis, NBA: 42 Articles (Since 10-2) 3094 points, 4 comments.
5) Rajon Rondo, NBA: 23 Articles (Since 8-21) 1715 points, 137 comments.
4) Ray Lewis, NFL: 6 Articles (Since 9-27) 478 points, 8 comments.
3) Diana Taurasi, WNBA: 32 Articles (Since 8-28) 2577 points, 27 comments.
2) Greg Oden, NBA: 63 Articles (Since 5-21) 6991 points, 223 comments.
1) Donovan McNabb, NFL: 31 Articles (Since 7-2) 3667 points, 5 comments.

Highlights include first hand accounts of drafts, All-star games, Spring Training, Minor League Baseball, Playoff wins and losses, award season, pre-fight updates, and a very cool account of McNabb responding publicly to a letter from an Eagle fan. As you can see it's top heavy with NBA and NFL but there is insight into lesser covered sports and college sports as well. For those of you reading this on Yardbarker let me know if I missed any athletes that should be considered for this list (Leandro Barbosa barely missed the cut, but his article after the Suns acquired Shaq was a fun read).


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