Monday, March 17, 2008

Most Impressive?

The last couple weeks have shown us lots of impressive feats.  So which feats are the most impressive.

  • Georgia reeling off 4 wins in 3 days in a relatively tough SEC conference tournament.  They were 2-11 in their last 13 games against those same divisional foes.  I can't even think of something comparable.

  • Houston Rockets continuing their ridiculous stretch getting their 22nd win in a row over the last couple months, did I mention it is without their team statistical leader?  Oh yeah I did, here.  The NBA Record is 33 by the 1971-72 Lakers.  Not even the (NBA record) 72-10 Chicago Bulls won that many consecutive games.

  • Arizona, edging out Arizona State for their 24th consecutive NCAA appearance.  Consider this.  Over the last 24 years no one else has been there every season.  It was also the season the Tournament expanded to 64 teams so there are plenty of chances out there. Blue Bloods: Duke (13th straight appearance), North Carolina (5th straight), Kansas (19th), UCLA (4th).  All of whom fall short of Arizona's mark.

  • Tiger Woods notching another 5+ (his 3rd) tournament win streak and moving up to a tie with Golf Great Ben Hogan at Number 3 All-Time.  5 Times has a player won 5 or more tournaments in a row.  Eldrick owns 3 of those 5.
Go ahead and cast your vote at the poll on the right.  If you think we missed something let us know.