Monday, March 10, 2008

Lingering Thoughts...

It's late on a relatively slow day here at work so I've got a few thoughts and maybe some links for you all to tide you over until I have something worth while to talk about:

Irony (n. ay-ur-nee) - definition: The Cleveland Indians' Stadium has been named Progressive Field yet they still have weekly protests outside over their slightly racist mascot/logo. You should look at some of the old logos if you think that's bad. [Ed. Note] if I actually have to define what irony is and why it's ironic, please e-mail me what school you went to to ensure my daughter doesn't wind up at the same one. Thank you.

I don't know how well "Big Red" Seth McClung, a.k.a McLovin while in Tucson, has done since his gem against the Rockies a couple weeks ago. But we here at The BearDown wish him nothing but the best. Except when pitching against the Cubs. He was a good sport and even donated a couple baseballs to a few drunk fans in the left field bleachers.

Coming up shortly, is the few short months of the year where I do not make fun of 4Real for watching Reality Shows. Top Chef, along with Chef Tom Colicchio and Padma Lakshmi is back on our TVs starting Wednesday. If you don't watch this you are missing out and it has nothing to do with a love of cooking. 4Real watches it and loves it, and he barely knows how to fry an egg. Of course he watches the entire Bravo TV line-up so I guess that isn't saying much. Either way I can't wait for this season's comedic relief. And of course the obligatory episodes featuring Anthony Bourdain.

"Women love Crepes, if there were a 6th Spice Girl her name would be Crepe Spice"

The picture at the left here is amazing. I have been waiting to post it forever but haven't really had a reason to. Sure, I could have posted it after the Patriots lost the Super Bowl or after more Spygate things came out, but I didn't. I don't remember where I found it, I don't actually know who it is donning that '85 Eason jersey. It always makes me chuckle to think that this is actually Tony Eason on January 26, 1986. I can't decide if it's funnier to imagine this as Eason pre his 0-6 performance, or post-game. You decide.

Thank God Lute is coming back next season, I know it goes without saying, but it still warrants being said. My distaste for what KO did this season gets bigger each day. Do I think Lute would have done better, absolutely. He knew these players with the exception of Bayless, and would have played them right all season long. I just pray with everything I've got that Budinger, Hill, and Bayless stay. Seeing as how Budinger and Bayless are projected lottery picks (according to ESPN) I don't forsee it happening. By the way, when was the last time a team had two lottery picks in the NBA but didn't make it past the first weekend of the tournament because there's a very high probability that may happen this season to Arizona. You can't blame the lack of talent.

Speaking of my glowing local report, Arizona Baseball (Ranked #1 and 2 in the separate polls) is 10-1, reeling off 10 in a row since losing the road opener at Georgia (5-6). The Wildcats take on (#20, 21) Cal State Fullerton this weekend, should be a nice match-up. For the record Arizona is #3 in the ESPN/USA Today poll but I choose not to recognize this poll until ESPN starts covering College Baseball to some extent.

If you have 45 minutes to spare head to and check out Friday March 7, Hour 3. Rich Eisen comes into the show and if you, like me, watched ESPN SportsCenter in the mid-90s and saw Eisen and Patrick 3 times a week, you remember how good they were. Stay tuned until the end and listen to the FIFA soccer clip by Gary Miller. I couldn't stop laughing, and I was at work at the time. I actually paused it to go outside and compose myself. The downside is it's at least 25 minutes in and I don't know how to skip forward, I apologize. If you want click the link and mute it for a while and come back. It is worth it. I did it twice this weekend. The interview with USC Men's basketball coach Tim Floyd is a good one though it sounds like Floyd is half asleep at the time. Do yourself a favor. If anyone can edit this clip down, please do, throw it on YouTube or send me the link. If you do one thing that I suggest EVER, make it this one.

Sarcasm (n. sar-kaz-um) definition: How about the foul calls in that UNC-Duke game this weekend, pretty fair don't ya think? There definitely wasn't a homecourt bias in Cameron at all. UNC>Duke. That is all, and I'm not even a Tarheel fan.

Ok that's about it for random thoughts running through my head at the moment.


Andrew Donahey & Brandon Weaver said...

Hey Beardown, I totally agree with you about the Gary Miller soccer breakdown. It is hilarious! Have you found the audio? I tell my friends about it but Dan Patrick may have taken that archive off his site.

Brandon Weaver

BC said...

I can't find it anywhere. That and the Chi McBride/Christopher Walken "I got kittens" and "I'm an alligator" were high points while at work