Thursday, March 6, 2008

Like I Told You: I Put the Real in Reality TV

Well I wanted to just take a minute and brag about my seemingly never-ending ability to make expert picks. Whether it be baseball, college football, or in this case Reality TV. If you have been a loyal reader than you remember my post back in November in which I put odds on all of the contests for the fourth season of Project Runway. Dom has given out numerous blows to Reality TV shows and those who watch them. I on the other hand embrace them, especially since the majority of them are based on competitions of one sort or another. I just can’t imagine the hit that Dom’s manhood would take if he were to admit to watching or even eluding to the fact that he might be interested in watching a reality show like Project Runway. You can’t knock him too hard though he doesn’t exactly have the Renaissance man like qualities, or any of the other intangibles that it takes to be secure like myself. In the spirit of making anything a bet, a pool, or any other gambling scenario (if it were legal of course) I now give you the results of my latest reality predictions.

General Reality Rule: Every show comes down to a final three in a finale in which one is eliminated and then a winner is chosen dramatically from the final two.

Going into the Finale of Project Runway I had my #1 Rami, #2 Christian, and #5 Jillian in the final three. Remember these picks were based off of the first episode, and I did not change them midseason otherwise I definitely would have altered them slightly.

First to be cut is….Jillian. This is where I big ups myself as I now have my #1 and #2 picks left in the final two. Unfortunately or not, #2 Christian took home the title. That is where I would have flip flopped midseason so congrats for him. Uh most of you probably are done reading at this point, but makes no difference because it’s the small victories that taste so good. Just add it to the list of things I’m good at, even though I didn’t think it could get any longer.

Don’t believe me?
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