Friday, March 14, 2008

__________ Field (Formerly Wrigley)

As you are all aware by now, Wrigley Field naming rights are for sale. This is sacreligious to many of us. Not just the Cubs fans of the world but the Traditionalists and Baseball fans, don't like the idea of Wrigley not being Wrigley anymore. Now I still call the Suns Arena AWA and the DBacks still play at BOB, so Wrigley will always be Wrigley. But eventually someone is going to buy the name and it's not going to be the gum company.

And for all of you who say that Wrigley has been getting free naming rights for nearly a century, you would be wrong. The Stadium was named after William Wrigley who yes was involved in the Gum company, but it was named after the man.

Now I have been thinking. The owners are definitely going to take this option its Hundreds of Millions of dollars that will help the club. We understand that. But can't we at least agree on a name that's somewhat associated with Chicago or just baseball in general instead of some financial institution or retail center. How about:

Big League Chew Stadium: Cubs fans wouldn't be as happy if it had stayed Wrigley but it could potentially lead to Wrigley ponying up if a rival gum company takes over its' turf. Besides it could help in MLB's anti-tobacco campaigns and who didn't love Big League Chew as a kid. At least it's still baseball related.

Rawlings Field: Or really any baseball equpiment manufacturer. Once again, at least it would be baseball related. Plus the Cubs would get more free gear to make sure that no one is sporting anything other than Rawlings leather.

Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse Field: I could live with this. Have Dutchie put some advertising from the Harry Caray family of restuatrants and slap the Man's name on the outside of Wrigley. How does she afford it? Charge 1 extra dollar for every item on the menu. I'm sure fans would be happy to oblige. The naming rights would be paid for in 2 years with all of the traffic Harry's restaurants get.

Old Style Field: My personal favorite of my options. What Cub fan hasn't sat at Wrigley drinking a warm Old Style. Old Style is already the official Beer of the Cubs. The Red C is on their beer come summer. What better fit is there?

I'm open to more ideas. What else should Wrigley be re-named? What else is acceptable? Hit us up with your stuff.