Wednesday, March 12, 2008

NBA MVP Thoughts

The race for the MVP this year may be as insane as the race in the West. The general consensus is that Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, and Lebron James are the big four in the race.

From My Perspective I think that what is likely (Not what I believe it should be) is that the order goes like this:

1. Kobe Bryant: Lakers 45-19 (Currently 1st in West)
2. Lebron James: Cavaliers: 37-27 (Currently 4th East)
3. Kevin Garnett: Celtics: 50-12 (1st in the East, Best Record in NBA)
4. Chris Paul: Hornets: 42-20 (5th in West)

The problems:
With Kobe is that, well he is Kobe. Yeah he shoots too much, he is controversial, he isn’t the poster child of superstars anymore, but he plays for the Lakers and look where he has taken his team. Holding Garnett back? He is part of a three headed monster, and I don’t think there can be enough credit given to him singularly to deemed the most valuable player. Chris Paul? He plays in New Orleans, he is somewhat emerging as the premier point guard in the league, and his name is not attached to enough prestige to give him the credit he deserves. I think he should be in the top two of consideration considering his 21.3 points, 11 assists, and 2.7 steals a game.

Now for my homer critique of Lebron. I think without a doubt that he is the best player in the NBA. I think he has done more with less than anyone in this league. The fact that he led the Cavaliers to the Finals is enough to show that he is the Most Valuable Player in the game. The problem with his run at the honor is the fact that he plays in Cleveland, where he has had no big name help. Add to that the fact that the media is waiting for him to be the best player ever but not recognizing his team as great. With the new additions there still isn’t a lot of credit going to the organization for making moves to help the future.

Some Interesting Facts:
1. Lebron chalked up his 17th Triple Double Two nights ago against Portland. He has now tied Scottie Pippen and Bill Russell on this list of Career Triple Doubles (21st). It took Pippen 1178 games, Russell 963, but Lebron only needed 374.

2. Since Lebron entered the League he has led the Cavs in points, rebounds, and assists 46 times. Since that time the only player to lead all three categories for their team more often is Kevin Garnett with 63.

I’m not saying this is Lebron’s year. I think that last year he had a more legitimate argument for contention. The bottom line: Be considered the most dominant team in the East by the Media to claim it ,or win a Championship and get one the next year.

4Real Out...