Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Hello out there sports fans. Hope you all had a nice weekend, or are still having a nice weekend, a few thoughts on the weekend that has been. 4Real, some friends, and myself attended the Rockies vs. the Brewers on Saturday for Spring Training. A Great time. A few pictures are on here for those of you in those blistery cold sans-baseball climates.

To that Moronic student/fan at the U of A vs. USC game Thursday, thank you. For throwing the bottle on the court as time expired for no reason whatsoever. It is classless and I hate it. One thing Arizona fans have always been is classy, die-hard fans. You made us look absolutely terrible, and on National TV no-less. I hate seeing that, and seeing it on my home-court is even worse.

To Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher Seth McClung. It was us. Saturday when you were in Tucson playing the Rockies, there was a group of fans in the Sandpile enjoying their afternoon by the Brewer Bullpen. We had a great time and thanks for the numerous balls thrown to our area. Even though we are pretty sure that Bullpen Coach Billy Castro told you to throw one to us to shut us up. Which brings me to another point. Spring Training is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

To Kevin O'Neil, what the hell were you thinking? Early in the season you kept the total minutes down across the board. You never played anyone else, and with a shallow bench having no PT during the season, when these guys do get in the game they have no confidence. Case and point Kirk "Big Nasty" Walters. Yeah I know he has been injured, sick, slow, whatever the last couple years. But 2 years ago he was playing 20 minutes a game. There have been 10 games where he hasn't even seen the floor. In the closing seconds of today's game he got the in-bounds pass and froze due to lack of confidence and didn't take the open 15 footer to tie. I'm using this as the prime example this has been happening all season, especially lately. Look at Jamelle Horne, he has started multiple games, played all 40 minutes again Washington State and has also not seen the floor in Six games. The inconsistency on a program steeped in inconsistency right now does not make it any better. We're on the fence of getting in the tournament and you're still fiddling with your line-ups. Things don't bode well in 2 weeks. Speaking of which.

I know I'm not alone when I watch College Basketball games on CBS and hear the music, and you all know which music I'm talking about, and I just get more and more excited about March Madness.

Has anyone else noticed that there are Domino's Pizza Commercials featuring the voices of Mike and Mike, from ESPN. And that there is also a Pizza Hut Pac-man-ish game featuring Mike and Mike. No one has noticed that this is odd. Shouldn't there be some kind of no compete clause in their contracts somewhere.

There is also the fact that a search for College Baseball on leads you out of their site. Is anyone else intrigued as to why the alleged sports news leader doesn't even bother to have any internal College Baseball info on their site, yet they still have the ESPN/USA Today Top 25. How can they vote for the Top 25 if they don't even cover it?

Arizona Baseball is 5-1 right now after weeping Sacramento State at home and going 2-1 at Georgia. That's a pretty solid start to the season. New polls come out tomorrow but the Cats are still #1 in the Baseball America and the aforementioned ESPN/USA Today polls right now. Interesting side-note, if you check the NCAA Site Arizona is #1 and #5. That has to be some kinda first. Well I'm done for right now. See you tomorrow.

Go catch a baseball game with your friends and family. There has to be a college around you somewhere and if you are in AZ or FL catch a Spring Training game.