Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Roy Family Faces Suspensions For Brawl

I wrote an article a little while ago, about LNAH and how they are making the boys in the NHL look bad. I called for them to take off the mittens and get down to business. The game needs enforcers, it is just the way the game is played. If you watch the videos from the league in Quebec you can see that not all the fights seem warranted or necessary at all, and that kind of has an appeal to me. Well someone was listening. This video is the opening puck drop:

So I am feeling pretty satisfied that there was a solid NHL fight that carried over, was to send a message early, or whatever the reason may have been when Quebec has to go and one up us. Most everyone is familiar with Patrick Roy, famous mostly to being on two Avalanche Stanley Cup teams and has his number retired in Colorado. He has since retired and purchased a Canadian Junior Hockey leaguer team called the Remparts. The back up goalie on the club happens to be Roy’s son Jonathon. So here is the situation: Remparts are down 7-1 and in the 2nd and Jonathon goes in to get his garbage minutes in what is already an embarrassing showing by his team. After a few minutes fights ensued which resulted in the seldom seen but fan favorite goalie fight. The following video is the fight in its entirety.

Note: the opposing goalie was breathing, just not moving.

After the game both Patrick and Jonathon Roy received suspensions for their actions. No real consequence to Jonathon as he is on the scrub team, but Roy has a damaged image and continues to break the very thin ice around him.

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