Friday, February 29, 2008

Zell Inspires A Million Dollar Idea

So this Wrigley Field Naming Rights thing really had me going there for a while. Well tonight it took a whole meaning when I was talking it over with my best friend who reiterated how I thought any Chicago Native would: she was heated and rightfully so. Well the ideas really started flowing, first in the form of what would happen if that were to actually go the way it is planned? She assured me there would be riots in the streets. My first thought was of flipping cars lighting them on fire and subsequently starting the second great Chicago Fire. Her reaction to this…”How can I get my car to Clark and Addison so it can get flipped and set on fire? You know, so that way I would have to get a new car.” That a girl, now were talking. Then I remembered that a couple years back I gave her the idea to name her dog Wrigley. Well that inspired me, I mean maybe Zell is right. He is upset about the Wrigley Co. getting their name displayed for free for 80 years right? Excuse me, but Garnes’ dog has been walking around Lincoln Park constantly getting his named called out loud for the last couple years. Isn’t it about time the Wrigley Co. did the right thing and paid her for what they’ve been getting for free? If they don’t then we are just going to have to put poor Wrigley’s name on the market with the rights of renaming him going to the highest bidder. Well why stop there. The dog formerly known as Wrigley will be taken to the neighborhood formerly known as Wrigleyville fully equipped for alcohol distribution. We will also be accepting bids for the alcohol brand and any other signs you can strap, tape or mount to our four legged advertising machine. Email for more details….

4Real Out…