Monday, November 26, 2007

the 2007/2008 NCAA Football Bracket

Continuing from an earlier post where a playoff system is mentioned, by me, I have decided to give an example of how this might work. Here is a mock 16 team playoff system following the idea I outlined earlier.

Recap: 16 spots with 11 designated to the 11 Major Div I "FBS" leagues (ACC, Big XII, Big East, Big Eleven, C-USA, MAC, MWC, Pac-10, SEC, Sun Belt, WAC) with 5 open spots for the remaining top teams.
Stipulation 1: This would also cancel out the "Notre Dame Rule" that states that Notre Dame goes to a BCS bowl if they have 8 wins, which further proves the greed of the Bowl System because ND has been vastly outplayed the last 9 times they've been to a bowl game and it's because they bring in revenue to everyone and get beat on Nat'l TV in front of a huge audience.
Stipulation 2: If a Conference does not have a team in the AP/Coaches Top 25 they would forfeit their bowl spot.
Stipulation 3: At the end of the season 1 poll of Equal Strength would be completed for playoff positioning. 2 votes would be given to each member the Las Vegas Poll I have mentioned before, 1 vote to each voter in the AP Poll, and 1 vote to Each member of the ESPN/USA Today's Coaches Poll.

Now to put that in place with today's teams, the pool would consist of the following (subject to chenge with the upcoming week):
ACC - BC/VT game winner
Big XII - Mizzou/OK game winner
Big East - WV
Big Eleven - The Ohio State University
C-USA - Does not Qualify a team (Unless 9-3 UCF makes a beliver out of folks with a win over 9-3 Tulsa and creeps into the top-25)
MAC - Does not Qualify a team
MWC - Brigham Young (Unless 4-7 SDSU can take them down and out of the top-25)
Pac-10 - USC, holds the tiebreaker over ASU (but this could get interesting if USC and ASU lose and Oregon wins this weekend to rivals. It would be a 3 way tie and Oregon is 2-0 against USC and ASU, taking the Pac-10.
SEC - LSU/Ga have identical records of 10-2, 6-2, but LSU still has one game to play, a W gets them in the tourney and an L has them waiting for an At-large.
Sun-Belt - Does Not Qualify a team, unless a lot happens and Troy sneaks into the top-25 after a victory this weekend at home against Florida Atlantic, not enough to change some votes.
WAC- Hawai'i

That gives us 8 locks with 8 at-large bids, trying to figure out that at-large is near impossible right now seeing as how a lot of teams still have big games to play. The leading candidates for the 8 remaining spots would be the loser of the ACC title game, Kansas, Georgia, ASU, Oregon, Tennessee, Florida, Illinois, loser of the Big XII game, and Clemson or Wisconsin might be able to sneak in. We will revisit this next week when the regular season has come to a close and there are no more ifs.