Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pulling a Pistol on Redick

I thought it was over. I thought I could move on. How furious was I every time anyone hyped J.J Redick forcing ludicrous statements about him being best shooter in college basketball down my throat? There are no words. Duke Bias is out of control. Almost 2 years after he leaves the world of college basketball its back and now Rick Torbet is to blame.
Torbet has introduced a new line of instructional basketball videos named “Better Basketball” the shooting installment of which features Redick. I am not even going to touch Torbett credentials, but I will attack the first 10 seconds of the video preview in which they claim that Redick is “College Basketball’s all time greatest shooter”. False.

I know I sometimes get stats crazy, but its appropriate for this situation so you’ll get over it. I’ll try to keep it to Career stats since were talking about all time greatest shooters.

Redick’s Career Stats:
Games Played: 139 FG-FGA: 825-1906 (.433) 3PT Attempts-Made: 457-1126 (.406) Free Throw Attempts-Made: 662-726 (.912) Points: 2769 (19.9 per game)

Impressive to say the least, but you come up short by a long shot on being the greatest of all time. I would be embarrassed if I was you to even make such a claim. As you know the greatest shooter in the history of college basketball is “Pistol” Pete Maravich:

Maravich’s Stats:
Games Played: 83 FG-FGA: 1387-3166 (.440) Free Throw Attempts-Made: 893- 1152 (.780) Points: 3667 ( 44.2 per game)
At one point or another Pistol held 11 NCAA scoring records, and 34 SEC scoring Records, not to mention every LSU scoring record.

Note: Not only did Pistol play WITHOUT a three point line, but he didn’t have a freshman season due to the fact that at that time they still had separate freshman and varsity teams.
He was the greatest player to ever play college basketball and translated it into a hall of fame NBA career and was named on the 50 greatest players in NBA history. This was about shooting but he was beyond a complete player… Redick show some respect and if you want to be the best shooter you might pick up a real mans videos:

4Real Out....