Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Put the Real in Reality TV....

Who cares who wins the Bachelor? I do. Unlike some people I am secure enough to watch every reality show no matter what kind of hit you think it takes to my manhood. Ever known a girl who reads ESPN to impress guys? Ever seen a guy talk Project Runway with the girls and see what kind of response it gets? That’s where I step in. Honestly it might be the fact that I am competitive to a fault or maybe it’s that I just have way to much time on my hands, but picking the winner of a reality show after the first week feels good…
I will now proceed to break down Season 4 of Project Runway giving the odds on who will be coming out on top….

Rami: 4 to 1
Christian: 5 to 1
Ricky: 6 to 1
Victorya: 7 to 1
Jillian 8 to 1
Kevin: 9 to 1
Jack: 9to 1
Kit: 10 to 1
Carmen: 11 to 1
Sweet P: 11 to 1
Marion 12 to 1
Steven: 13 to 1
Chris: 16 to 1
Elisa: 21 to 1
Simone: Eliminated

You can check any of your favorite sports betting sites (if you live outside the U.S) to see the difference in odds, but my track record speaks for itself…I think I might have a future in this…

4Real Out…


Dom said...

...if gambling were legal