Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Nomination Show

As holiday season comes around it means the year it coming to a close and it's time to look back on the 2007 we all knew and some loved. So here for the first time are the announcements of the nominated parties in this years awards, Part 1. The first award "show" to document pop culture, movies, music, sports, and any other events I feel deserve recognition of some sort.

In the technical category of Best Online Blog the Nominees are
1) - What Would Tyler Durden Do
2) Agent Zero Gilbert Arenas' Blog
3) Bill Simmons (thogh I think this might be his last hurrah as an actual Blog, but that's where it's roots are)
4) - With Leather
5) - Jenna (Pam) Fischer's Blog, maybe just because of the insider Office stuff, and her love for Friday Night Lights

Best (scripted) TV Show
1) Friday Night Lights
2) The Office
3) Scrubs
4) Lost
5) Entourage

Biggest Political Surprise
1) Former Senator/Actor Fred Thompson running for President
2) Nachos presents Actor/political correspondent/NYTimes bestselling author Stephen Colbert Running for President
3) Jon Stewart not running for President
4) Hillary still being in the race (and not being called out on her obvious pandering stating what the crowd wherever she is wants to hear)
5) John McCain not running away with the Republican nomination

Biggest Hollywood Surprise
1) Actors Fred Thompson and Stephen Colbert running for President
2) Lance Bass out of the Closet
3) Neil Patrick a.k.a. "NPH" a.k.a. "Doogie Hauser" Haris coming out of the closet
4) Three different amateur singing reality shows
5) Nicole Richie in jail and pregnant, at the same time

At this point I would like to announce the sad passing of Robert Goulet while waiting for a lung transplant. Goulet and your devil's martini's you will be missed 1933-2007.

Biggest NCAA Football upset
1) (Then) No. 1Ohio State routed by Florida in the BCS titile game 41-14
2) (Then) No. 5. Michigan losing to FCS Appy State (@ home) 34-32
3) (Then) No. 22 Kentucky losing to Gardner Webb (@ home) 84-68
4) (Then) Unranked University of Arizona beating (Then) No.3 University of Oregon 49-17
*Wait that didn't happen yet, well if it does it's on the list
5) (Then) No. 2 Cal upset by Oregon State 31-28 (@ home leading to a 3 game losing skid by Cal)

Biggest 2007 draft bust
1) Portland's Sam Bowie errrr Greg Oden (No.1 over all 0.0 PPG 0.0 BPG 0.0 APG and 0.0 MPG)
2) Oakland's JaMarcus Russell (No. 1 overall Passing 0 attempts for 0 yards 0 TD and 0 INT for a rating of 0.0 and 0 rushing yards for 0 TD)
3) NFL teams with the picks 1-6 passing up on Adrian Peterson, shame on you
4) All 32 teams of the NFL for not drafting Jeff Samardzija in the 6th round of the draft his Minor league numbers: 4.36 ERA and a 7-13 record for Boise and Dayton the Cubs A and AA affiliates, if this keeps up he will re-enter the world of football because he could be putting up some serious numbers in the NFL right now
5) Milwaukee drafting Yi Jianlian, just wait, this one is prime to be one of the worst in history

Lifetime Achievement award this year is presented to Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield, the Late Ted Knight, Michael O'Keefe et. al. for their work in Caddyshack. It is the 27th anniversary and if this movie can't be honored by the world every year it should at least be honored in all years divisible by 9.

Most unlikely to happen in 2008
1) Kobe setting the NBA record for Assists in a season while leading the Seattle Sonics to the Larry O'Brien Trophy
2) Notre Dame winning a BCS bowl game on the capable arm of Jimmy Claussen
3) Joe Paterno retires saying it was just his time
4) Samuel L. Jackson appearing in less than 4 movies
5) Someone finishes a round of golf without quoting Caddyshack

Best story of the 2007 year in sports
1) Ohio State making a run at fixing last years mistakes
2) Tom Osborne returning to Lincoln to fix Nebraska Football (don't be surprised if he goes back after Frank Solich or installs himself as "interim" Head Coach come January)
3) Kevin Everett able to walk with assistance and predicted to make a full recovery month after being told he would never walk again (take note Street you can do it without the shark stem cells)
4) Priest Holmes proving once again you can never count him out, first he goes undrafted 10 years ago and makes a name for himself, then he comes back after almost 2 years out of the game due to a neck injury and is leading the Chiefs again
5) Florida simultaneously holding both major NCAA championships. (As much as I hated it we will never see it again in our lifetime)

Well it's 5:00 which means it's time to hit the rush hour traffic, look for Part Deux later this week and the remainder of nominees. And I'm looking for a name so I'm listening to any and all ideas on possible names for the awards.