Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random Ramblings

Sore Throat today, which means that making 40-50 phone calls is not my idea of a good time. So in an effort to kill time at work between the occasional call here is a list of things that are going through my head.

If you haven't read my proposed NCAA playoff system, I would suggest it, if you have read it and think I'm wrong, or an idiot, please email me and let me know. CTDomschke@gmail.com. It will become much more clear when the regular season is over and conference champions have been decided. Also it would take some schedule adjustments that I am essentially ignoring in this primary bracket, but let's be honest who doesn't want to see Hawai'i get a shot at Mizzou or West Virginia, the combined score would be over 100, and Brennan and White/Daniel would combine for at least 80 but more likely 90+ passes in the game. It's a shame that game won't ever happen, and especially not before the Heisman voting.

Last night I watched the movie Never Been Kissed, not my choice I hate Drew Barrymore. Does anyone else have a problem with the fact that the teacher has a romantic interest in the student (Drew) and then actually gets angry that she lied about being 17. We're supposed to find this romantic? And Molly Shannon as always makes me wish very bad things for her.

Speaking of very bad things. Is it just me or does every man picture that movie happening at their bachelor party?

Apparently Tood Sauerbrun is pulling a Kevin McHale and secretly helping out his old team. The "Former" Bear said the Broncos would kick to Devin Hester and that they were paid money to make tackles. Apparently, he wasn't referring to himself since he botched a tackle on Hester's punt return. 21 of the Bears points Sunday were the result of the "Former" Bear. A Kick Return TD, Punt Return TD, and a TD run for A.P. a few plays after the Blocked Sauerbrun punt deep in Bronco territory.

Good News for whoever draws Kansas in a Bowl Game. The team that was #2 and lost (which has happened a few times this season) has gone on to lose their next game (in the cases of Oregon to UCLA, BC to Maryland) their next 2 games in the case of South Florida to UConn and Cinci, and Cal to UCLA and ASU.

Let's see 5 days since he started practicing again, 6 carries later in game and...he's done for the year. Let's hear it for Ricky Marley err Williams. 758 yards on 174 carries over the last 3 seasons for a total of 4.36 yards per carry with 2 100 yard games. Probably what was expected of the former Heisman Trophy winner. Ladies and Gentlemen the ultimate me-first player.

And I was just informed that I can get fired for blogging at work.

See ya around sports fans.



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