Monday, November 5, 2007

The Pac-10 Debacle: Fans

Being a University of Arizona student, as well as a product of a University of Arizona Alumni. it is in my blood to cheer for the 'Cats. As it is with every other student who willfully attended this school. However it's fan's like the gracious copy of chief of our loathed "Arizona Daily Wildcat" Tom Knauer that make a bad name for Pac-10 fans across the nation. Coming from a school paper who's most popular articles are the "Police Beat" - a section dedicated to the most "campus relevant" reported crimes over the past few days, and the sudoko puzzles, Knauer and all his Wildcat glory, decided to crap on the UA student body.

"Untold numbers of ABC viewers saw at least the initial trickles of red slosh toward center field. Maybe they witnessed the whole, despicable flood - whose crimson, immense, rivaled that on the cheeks of more than a few grizzled upperclassmen, myself included, who lingered, dumbfounded, as people hurtled down the east bleachers.

I left the stadium as quickly as possible after the game, thoroughly humiliated by my peers, their na'veté being beamed to potentially hundreds of thousands (please, not millions) of televisions.

The whole scene was enough to strip away any personal satisfaction I got from seeing Arizona win in person for probably the last time in my four-plus years at Arizona"

This guy is a tool bag. Last time I checked Homecoming is always something to be celebrated, and if you win a football game with a team that has struggled throughout the year is another reason to celebrate. Combining the two results in an even bigger celebration. You know simple 1+1=2 meaning 2>1.

I guess Knauer's statements yield a newly enstated formula: Knauer+Fan-dom = bullshit.

See the lack-luster article here -

*note I realize I'm publicizing this ass bag, but it's better than getting fucked for plagarism