Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Making it rain...

The main stories in the NFL right now happen to have been the Patriots undefeated season in progress, or even the Dolphins throughly defeated season, unfortunately in my mind, the main story for today is the sudden death of Redskin's safety Sean Taylor. After being shot in the groin, damaging a major artery causing significant blood loss. What the hell is going on in the sports world today? It hasn't even been a year since the Broncos lost a player to some idiot "Making it Rain".

Understandably some of these players have troubled pasts that follow them through their success into professional sports, and even after leaving the "hood" sometimes the hood follows them. Not to say this was the case in Michael Vick's conviction or "Hurricane Pacman", but Taylor was at assaulted at his own home by a guy who had apparently already broken in a few days before. Taylor, who had been making strides in his maturity, had become an extremely valuable asset to the Redskins during the past seasons.

I'm getting real sick of this stuff, it's one thing when I heard about Vick and his scenario at the airport/dog fighting rings, or Pacman in front of the strip club, even Tank Johnson...but aggravated violence towards athletes is just ridiculous. I hope that bastard gets caught and gets some type of medieval torture done on his ass. Probs something like water torture...who's raining now bitch?