Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Still The National Past Time...

Baseball season is 365 days a years, and sticking with that statement Selig has decided to release a different post season award every few days… I still maintain that it is the purest sport left ( look past this steroid era) only a true fan knows the intricacies that give it it’s aura.

American League Cy Young goes to…
C.C Sabathia (Voting: 19-8 over Josh Beckett): 19-7 3.21 ERA 241 innings pitched (Most in Majors)
Perks: $250,000 Bonus plus his base salary increases from 9 mil to 11 mil for 2008
Sabathia becomes a free agent after 2008 and this Cy Young season is going to give him substantial leverage when contract negotiations come around. He has made it clear that he wants to stay in Cleveland, but the problems comes down to the amount left over after he signs to keep Fausto and other contributors to the great Cleveland bullpen this year.

American League MVP goes to….
Alex Rodriquez (Voting: 26-2 over Magglio Ordonez): 54 HRs 156 RBIs 143 Runs
Perks: 1.5 million Bonus
ARod’s 3rd MVP solidifies his stature as the best in baseball, but the signing of a contract extension in NY solidifies ten more postseasons of him not performing up to standards. After opting out of his original contract that earned him 185.45 million over seven years, he was in search for a contract worth nearly 350 million. Unfortunately he had to settle for 275 million over ten years, breaking his own record for the biggest contract in history.

National League Cy Young goes to….
Josh Peavy ( Voting: Unanimous 32-0 over Webb receiving 31 2nd place votes)
Stats: 19-6 2.54 ERA 240 Strikeouts
Perks; $100,000 Bonus plus base salary increased 3 million to 11 million for 2008
Peavy is also the center of contract negotiations, but beyond being my hands down pick to win the Cy Young because of his dominant season he has now won my heart. In an interview with ESPN he was asked about the money he could draw in on the market, and what impact that will have on him to which he responded "I'm really not worried about it…The team has given me financial security for the rest of this old Alabama boy's life. ... I just want to be fair to the rest of my peers when I sign something." My hat is off to you.

National League MVP goes to….
Jimmy Rollins ( Voting: 16-11 over Matt Holliday)
Stats: .296 30 HR 94 RBIS 41 Steals
Perks: Not Specified by any Source I could find, Philly hook a brother up.
Rollins was the catalyst for a Phillies team that rallied late to win a tough eastern division title. I know what most people thing, and maybe Matt Holiday should have taken it. The problem is that this is the reason why the name MVPs of the the playoff series. The voting took place before the Rockies swept the Phillies, and Holliday was close to putting a cherry on top of the Cinderella run by the Rockies. Fact of the matter is Rollins wins, the Phillies have back to back MVPS on their team and still no one is watching them.

4Real Out...