Friday, November 2, 2007

Weekend thoughts...

...while refusing to do work.

The line at this very moment in the UCLA @ Arizona game is between 3 and 1 1/2 (UA as the dog). Apparently Vegas wasn't informed that it is homecoming here in Tucson and as we all know coming into Arizona Stadium...on homecoming...favored, never ends up well for that team. UCLA should be relatively aware of that after the dismantling of the then #7 team in the country. I think we all know the outcome of this game. GO CATS!

Onto the greatest football game to ever be played, the most important game of all time, and the first time the Super Bowl has been played in November. That's right Pats - Colts. In case you live under a rock, that doesn't get good radio reception, you have heard about a sickening level. So I figured I would pile on. I hope for a few different outcomes namely for the Colts to completely destroy the Pats. Sit Bob Sanders down right in the middle of the field about 13 yards away from the line of scrimmage so finally someone stops letting Brady throw that toss across the middle to a wide open receiver, am I the only one who has noticed this. All day long, right down the middle. That is the easiest pass for a QB and Receiver to connect on. Why is no one covering it. If the Colts can't win I hope for a lopsided blowout where Bellicheck does what he does best and runs up the score, only the Colts keep playing and the fact that Bellicheck is going for it on 4 and 3 up by 19 with 3 minutes left sets them into a rage where Tom Brady drops back and gets his leg snapped off in a Theisman-esque fashion. Then Bellicheck can have that self-actualization scene from many movies where he realizes he has become so infatuated with himself that a loved one has died. And lastly, and I feel the most improbable is for the Colts to win and during his post-game press conference Rocky err Peyton manning looks at Bellicheck and tells him "if I can change and you can change, maybe we all can change" and Bellicheck's heart grows like the Grinch's three sizes.
Onto Baseball and Barry Bonds. Not going to the HoF. That's right, initially I was for the asterisked ball, then I realized that it's emblazoning an image on a piece of history like it or not, but now I am definitely back on the Asterisk the ball bandwagon. Reports released today stated that Barry will not go into the hall if the ball is there. This is the answer we've all been waiting for. A legitimate excuse to keep Barry out of the Hall. Also, in the same article Barry said he still wants to play and can be a good "part time player" for any organization...What?... Part time player? You want to make millions of dollars to play 3 games a week in between the flax seed oil and B12 shots. This is sad. And I think the Yankees are already calling him. Another baseball note, Joe Torre in the NL, this should be good. The man is notorious for napping off the last 3 innings, that's when an NL manager does all his work. I think he might be able to make things work in a fresh new organization, as long as the Dodgers are willing to spend another 120 Mill on player acquisition.
Quick update, Mr. Paxson read my letter and realized that I had a very valid argument and cut off all Kobe trade talks. Thank you for seeing it through our eyes Number 5.
Well it's back to the grind of staring at my cubical wall. Till next time Sports Fans.