Monday, November 19, 2007

In the Ruck...

So basically the College Football rankings are disgusting. #2, #4, and #15 got defeated this past week once again jarring the rankings like a retarded toddler pounding on an aquarium. Many attest the Oregon and Oklahoma losses to the injuries sustained by their starting quarterbacks. But a quarterback isn't the whole team last time a checked, and I figured as a team and football being a team sport, it took a whole team to get to that #2 position. So everyone stop crying about that, and blaming injuries to "key" players as reasons to losing to the underdogs.

As the end of the season comes closer every day, only two undefeated teams stand...Hawai'i and Kansas, but who knows what'll happen. Hawai'i plays Boise State and Kansas plays Missouri. I'm scared to make picks this week. God help me.