Thursday, November 1, 2007

An Open Letter to John Paxson

Dear Mr. Paxson,

I first must go on record that you have been an amazing man in the sport of basketball. You played for my beloved Irish years ago and after a short stop in San Antone you landed in Chicago and helped create one of the game's best backcourts in league history along with Michael Jordan. You were the definition of a team player sitting back and letting Mike be Mike while holding the rest of the team together. Leading them down the court. You took the shots when they needed to be taken, and brought your game to a whole new level in '91 against the Lakers. And who can forget that beautiful shot in Phoenix to clinch the Three-Peat. You sir are one of the greatest Bulls players of all time. But it did not stop there. You coached under Phillip after retiring but decided it was too time consuming so you moved on to the upper offices and made some of the best moves in Franchise history (the best move being Portland selecting Sam Bowie with the 2nd overall pick). You traded away age and experience to acquire draft picks. All of whom continue to astound and amaze. Bring in guys like Deng, Gordon, Hinrich, Thomas, Thabo, Nocioni, and beyond. You have created an amazing corps of young talented individuals who get better together each year and are approaching a serious opportunity at bring back the Larry O'Brien trophy to the Eastern Conference and more importantly, it's rightful home amongst 6 of its' brothers at the United Center.

With all of that said, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU EVEN DEBATING TRADING FOR KOBE. He is the quintessential me-first guy, look at how he is handling things in LA. He chased away Shaq, top 5 center of all-time and what happened a mere 2 years later? Shaq went right through the young Bulls in the playoffs and won a championship. Shaq did it with a younger Kobe (named Dywane) who was able to be the guy who worked with Shaq not against him. What did Kobe do that same season? Put up a career high 35.4 ppg and took his team right to the first round of the playoffs to get bounced by Phoenix and officially end the Lakers stretch of bringing fear on their opponents.

Why would you spend the last 4/5 years planning and plotting gaining draft picks and making smart moves. Even signing Scottie back in the 2003 season so he could end his career the way he was meant to. Wearing Red, Black, and White and being Scottie. You pulled off not one but two trades on draft days little over a year ago getting Thomas and Thabo, both have worked out nicely for Chicago. Hinrich has improved in almost every statistical category each year and Deng is about to have his breakout year and make the leap to All-Star. Ben Wallace will earn that paycheck this year (wearing the almighty headband) and having some post help in a more experienced Thomas and the Signing of yet another ultimate TEAM first guy Joe Smith who KG recently said is the best teammate he ever played with. This is the Bulls year to get out of the Eastern Conference and make a run in the Finals. By the end of an 82 game season added to the stifling tiring defense of these Bulls, none of those run & gun offenses of the West have a chance. Why would you completely disassemble what you've been building since you began in Chicago. You had a brilliant master plan going for you, and it was not to develop young talent and trade them for a declining ego-maniac, me first superstar.


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