Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Heisman Inconsistency

As inconsistent as the media has been with the polls this year they have been as equally inconsistent with their candidates for the Heisman trophy. Flip flopping back and forth saying there is no true front runner for the most prestigious individual award in sports is turning it into a joke instead of the blessing that it rightfully should be. As history would tell us the winner usually comes from “the best player on the best team” instead of the actual best player. This is where I start getting confused. Below are the top 5 candidates and stats as assembled by the experts over at ESPN. These may be some of the best players, but not all of them on the best team.

Top 5:
1. Dennis Dixon ( 1 Loss #3) Passing: 2,074 YDS 20 TD 3 INT 67.9 CMP% Rushing: 549 YDS 8 TD
2. Darren McFadden (3 Losses NR) Rushing: 1,314 YDS 12 TD Passing: 65 YDS 2 TD Receiving: 97 YD 0 TD
3. Tim Tebow (3 Losses #15) Passing: 2,228 YDS 21 TD 4 INT 67.7 CMP% Rushing: 598 YDS 14 TD
4. Matt Ryan (1 Loss #8) Passing: 2,841 YDS 21 TD 11 INT 59.5 CMP% Rushing: 35 YDS 1 TD
5. Pat White (1 Loss #7) Passing: 1,070 YDS 9 TD 2 INT 70 CMP% Rushing: 656 YDS 9 TD

There is no denying the talent there but in a season like this, with the media treating the Heisman the way that they are, shouldn’t there be a number of other candidates worthy of consideration and air time? Below are a couple of guys that I believe should get some recognition, especially considering they are on the best teams, and that’s the way this usually works.

4Real’s Disrespected Candidates
Todd Boeckman (0 Losses #1) Passing:1,965 YDS 23 TD 8 INT 65.8 CMP% Rushing: 8 YDS 0 TD
Todd Reesing (0 Losses #4) Passing: 2,339 YDS 23 TD 4 INT 61.2 CMP% Rushing: 203 YDS 1 TD
Chase Daniel (1 loss #6) Passing: 2,954 YDS 23 TD 9 INT 68.6 CMP% Rushing: 233 YDS 3 TD
Running Backs
Mike Hart (2 Losses #12) Rushing: 1188 12 TD Receiving: 7 for 43 YDS
Chris “Beanie” Wells (0 Losses #1): Rushing: 1165 10 TD Receiving: 5 for 21 YDS
Note: Neither Has fumbled in Collegiate Career

I’m not saying that any of these players should win or that all of them should be ranked above the ESPN top 5, but they need some credit. All three quarterbacks have brilliantly stepped up and led their teams into the upper echelon of teams, with similar stats and less losses. As for the running backs, Michigan’s Mike Hart is the only reason why they have climbed back into the rankings as fluidly as they did. As for Beanie it’s a bit of a homer pick but he has comparable stats to Hart and his team is ranked number one and undefeated, at least mention his name. I feel as if there is a bias to stay with the players and teams that were supposed to be there from the beginning instead of looking at this upset season for what it is. Why shouldn’t the Heisman Trophy be an upset pick…would you really be surprised?

4Real Out