Wednesday, November 14, 2007


With Lute Olson gone indefinately, the Cats seemed unaffected and confident in going into last night's game against NAU. Apparently Olson brings more than just good recruits to UofA, seeing as how the Cats barely won last night. There's alot of magic under those silver locks and UofA can't take that for granted. So all I have to say to all those people who think Lute is too old is, Wake the fuck up. Lute has brought the University of Arizona its most winningest prime-time team. He is actually actively involved in the campus and his team, and apparently is a very integral part of it. So you want to get rid of him? So we can put our faith in any sports confidence on our "developing" football team? Much love to our National Championship softball team but, bragging about that to other colleges is fastly becoming mudane. So don't take for granted one of our University's best sports icon, don't be that school. Much Love to Lute.