Thursday, December 27, 2007

And now to look at the Anti/Anti-Boston/New England

... We'll look at the Boston/New England teams and plug them into my patented "Total Losing Score" formula. (If you haven't read the original post using this formula please read my last article here in order for it to make more sense.) Because the research and math is time consuming and I don't have a calculator, making it more time consuming than you belive to crunch the numbers, we'll take a look at what the New England area teams look like plugged into the system for the last 7 years, the new Millenium.

And their Total Losing Score...

Celtics: (53.5) - 4 + 0 - 0 - 1 - 3 + 0 - 0 = 45.5
Bruins: (51.3) - 3 + 0 - 0 - 2 - 0 + .5 - 0 = 46.8
Red Sox: (43) - 4 + 0 - 20 - 1 - 7 + 0 - 2 = 9
And The Patriots (This is the adjusted number including this year, if they in fact ran the table on the perfect season and won the Super Bowl.)
(23.2) - 6 + 0 - 40 - 7 - 15 + 0 - 4 = -(48.8)

Yes, the Patriots would be in the Negative out of 110. What's the point in all of this? Boston does indeed look incredible compared to Chicago and Cleveland once plugged into this formula, but a lot of it is Red Sox and Patriots. So I ask you, how many Patriots and Red Sox fans do you know that are also Bruins fans, or were rooting for the Celtics before their ungodly offseason acquisitions. Boston/New England Fans are front runners, bottom line, not all, but most. The Celtics haven't been that good until recently and the Bruins have been average at best. I have read/heard former Bruins fans who have signed off hockey altogether because the Bruins couldn't get out of the first round. I also know tons of Bulls fans who were ecstatic to see the Bulls make the playoffs 3 years ago. The same holds true for some of the other cities I talked about in my previous column. The Indians held the longest active sell-out streak and it was during their less than stellar years. The Celtics have sold out every single home game this season: 18,624 per game. Last Season the Celtics had 9 total sell out games and an average attendance of 16,500. An extra 2,100 fans all of a sudden appeared at the same time as the 23-3 Celtics interesting.