Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mitchell Report Controversies and Wrap-Up

Quick talking point for the night. Sen. George Mitchell is from the Northeast and more importantly serves as a director for the front office of the Boston Red Sox. 11 Red Sox players were named. 9 of them have been away from the team for over 1 year. 1, Eric Gagne, was very recently a member of the Red Sox organization, but they parted ways without Boston making any effort to sign him. Lastly, Brendan Donnely, who the Red Sox picked up less than a year ago, was not resigned today when his contract was up for arbitration. Did George Mitchell give his Red Sox players/management a heads up? Did he cover-up or hide any other information regarding any current Red Sox players? Something doesn't seem right. Also, as a dig to 4Real I would like to announce that after a preliminary glancing over the players I reported earlier had been announced, 15 were at one time members of Chief Wahoo's Tribe, the Cleveland Indians. (Matt Williams, John Rocker, David Bell, Paul Byrd, Chad Allen, Mark Carreon, Glenallen Hill, David Justice, Tim Laker, Kent Mercker, David Segui, Ron Villone, and notable 'Roid dealer Jason Grimsley). That 15 was the leader, I believe, making Cleveland the baseball steroid capital of the world. I guess now we know why Willie Mays Hayes' head got bigger between Major League 1 and 2 and why he started going for the long ball.

UPDATE: As I wrote in a later post found here the Tribe did not lead. I really just wanted to make the Willie Mays Hayes joke and figured that with 15 it was a solid bet. Apologies for the error.


TimeIsNow said...

Your information is wrong.

There were 16 current/former Orioles - they lead, BY FAR.

15 current/former Yankees.
15 current/former Red Sox.

Sorry, but Mitchell was not out to get Cleveland.

Dom said...

Yes you are correct. It was more a shot at 4 Real being a Cleveland fan and the quick opportunity for a Major League joke. It was a quick prelim check.