Wednesday, December 19, 2007

You say the most when you say nothing at all

Well I didn't want to talk too much about the Mitchell report because I'm not the biggest baseball fan - call me un-american whatever - and I just wanna say, DUH. Of course these guys considered taking a shot in the ass to get more money. As the days have drug on, and eaten up a ridiculous amount of airtime, some athletes have come through with the "If I admit it, I'll be left off easy". But the largest story is Roger Clemens, the highly decorated pitcher has been listed in the report. Until yesterday his lawyer has been fielding questions and delaying his response, only for him to finally divulge,

"I am disappointed that my 25 years in public life have apparently not earned me the benefit of the doubt...I will answer the appropriate questions at the appropriate time."

Now, if I'm reading and hearing the same thing as everyone else, Roger Clemens has said exactly the same thing his lawyer has said, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Rocket, did you learn anything from McGwire, in 2005? McGwire's ass saw more than a needle after the media destroyed him for his silence. With all that is on the line for you, use your big boy words. Tell mommy who hurt you.

UPDATE:  Clemens says that  he never took any performance enhancing drugs.  Good game.  Just wait for your Congressional Hearing.  Don't let the silence over take you the second time around.

For his statement read/hear here: Clemens