Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This Just In...

...Pot calls kettle "black"

Doing my typical evening headline scanning and updating my knowledge of all things holy (read as sport) I came across this article in which Pete Rose tells us that the performance enhancing drug users are making a mockery of the sport.

The man who is banned from all things Major League (playing, managing, owning, hall of fame-ing) thinks that these guys are making a mockery of the game. Doesn't that just make perfect sense, and just like Jose Canseco, the former poor excuse for a baseball player, as far as honesty and following the rules, actually comes off as, well as he so put it an "altar boy". Way to go Clemens, Bonds, Sheffield, Pettite, Tejada, etc.

Hey Lindsay, Britney and Tara Reid just called you a train wreck, and they're right.

More in the morning.