Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Holiday Greetings

I severely doubt that any of you out there are surfing the net reading the column today but if in case you are stumbling across it looking for bowl game schedules or information on tonight's Suns vs. Lakers game.  I apologize.  Because, unless you look back at past columns you are not going to get any of that today.  Instead you are simply going to get a Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas, et al. message from us here at The Beardown.  

There should be some posts by the end of this week as soon as 4 Real re-enters the country, BC has any free time from his expansive family, and I get my internet up in running at the new place.  One I've been working on is the 5 losing-est cities in collegiate/professional sports.  Hint Chicago will be on that list.

Also, update here at The Beardown sports desk.  Coming in the first couple weeks of the New Year we're gonna be starting a new monthly feature where you will receive 1, 2, and maybe even 3 or more answers to your sports, pop culture, movie trivia, life questions/problems.  So go ahead and start writing into thebeardown@gmail.com and we'll take a few here and there, depending on how many questions we get. 

And as a last note, Yeah the Bears season might not have been that successful but we did beat the Pack twice, and once again proved that Brett Farve is over-rated with his 6th or 7th straight multiple turnover appearance against the Bears.  I hope Farve comes back, I love going into a game KNOWING that 2+ picks or fumbles are coming my way.
Good Night you old Savings and Loan, Happy Birthday Jesus, and be careful or you'll shoot your eye out.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night.