Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Florida State v. Louis Armstrong

most of you won't be there

25 players suspended. Florida State has 25 players on their football team suspended for cheating on a History of Music exam. Bowden said that he does not plan on using any of his redshirt players to fill in spots for the bowl game, which is a good move seeing as how it's not a BCS bowl. But, honestly who the hell is gonna play for the Seminoles? Should they take a page out of the Cincinnati Bengals book and just recruit right outside of the prisons? Maybe call Keanu Reeves - sorry Shane Falco - and get a replacement team out there? or maybe just simple Bear/Man/Gun with Kentucky... best out of 40.

By the way, History of Music? Seriously, how hard could that test have been. Obviously a Gen Ed, come on FSU, raise your standards a bit. Or maybe they're low for this