Friday, December 28, 2007

Winners go home and F the Prom Queen

Why is Bromo smiling? I think it's a pretty easy question to answer. No it's not because he's an NFL starting quarterback, but that helps. I don't think it's because he is on a Dallas team that is looking at the NFC Championship game already. I think it has more to do with the last year he's had. It's been a whirlwind where the undrafted Sigma Pi man out of Eastern Illinois made his way to replace the former 1st rounder Drew Bledsoe, and in the year since then he has been linked to Carrie Underwood, Sophia Bush, and now Jessica Simpson. Despite what T.O. says who wouldn't want to be romantically linked to Ms. Simpson. Of course that got me thinking how is it a man can get 3 ladies of that caliber. Underwood, Bush, and Simpson, in one year no less. And then I realized, the Quarterback always gets the girl. Don't believe me, look back at your High School.

I remember being a Freshman and John Rattay (Brother of NFLer Tim) had one of the hottest girls in school at his side. Of course when my buddy Wes took over, he had options but no game. At U of A, the third stringer, Adam Austin, had a cutie on his arm for the last couple years. There is something about Quarterbacks and having some innate ability to pull hot chicks.

Speaking of Tim Rattay, he belongs on this list, his wife Allison (at right) seems to be a pretty good looking piece, unfortunately this was the only picture I was able to find, but that's not the end of the list of back-ups with hot girlfriends/wives. Tim Hasselbeck's wife, Elisabeth, of The View and Survivor fame isn't too bad, and neither is "Free Agent" Tim Couch's wife, the former Barker Beauty and 1999 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Heather Kozar (Left). No relation to fellow former Browns 1st round pick signal caller Bernie Kosar, strictly coincidental. Couch isn't the only NFL QB able to pull one of Hef's ladies. The obviously heterosexual, again despite what T.O. says, Jeff Garcia had a little luck with one of the magazines beauties. He recently married the 2004 Playmate of the year, Carmella DeCesare. (Right).

These aren't the only QBs who have a pretty face waiting for them when they get home. Former Broncos/Cardinals/Buccaneers Quarterback, and Current Handball upstart, Jake Plummer, made waves when he started dating his current wife. Former Broncos/current handball cheerleader Kollette Klassen. (Left) I wouldn't mind running into her combing the halls of the United States Handball Association Hall of Fame located right here in Tucson, AZ. We all know about Matt Leinart's connections with Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears, which is fine, he's a young guy but how many of us out there are aware of who his baby momma is? To answer that one for you it's Brynn Cameron (Right). The USC women's Guard is the mother of Cameron Leinart, and ain't too bad on the eyes either. And then of course there is Tom Brady the "Father of the Year" (ditching Bridget Moynahan when being told she was pregnant) who is currently with super-hottie Giselle. How can you not hate Tom Brady.

So what's the point of all of this? Well Hesiman Trophy winner Tim Tebow has been getting lots of google searches, primarily for stats and mock drafts, but an increasing number of those searches are pre-destined to land on this picture of Tim Tebow, with a very well endowed female counterpart. Double D-Bow is getting an early start on the Professional tail, but it looks like he'll be in good company. Whether they're a career back up, retired, a "free agent", undrafted, skipped over by every team 5 times, and some 6, a journey man, an ex-CFLer, these guys all have one thing in common. The lovely ladies flock to them. Also there is something to be said about guys named Tim and Tom playing QB and pulling ass, I count 5 on my list, I think I just found the name if I have a son.