Monday, December 17, 2007

NFL Weekend Wrap-up

The NFL had all but faded away in the big picture of sports. Few cared about the professional gridiron with everything else going on. The college football season that was (upsets, ever changing polls, bowl season for many) and the college football season that wasn’t (Hawai’i, among a few other programs being shafted in the championship picture, Michigan losing it’s first 2 games after being a preseason #5). The Mitchell investigation stealing time away from the NFL stories on many a radio, internet, ESPN, and blog posting. Tiger being the best in the game, again. So many sports stories taking the front page, a lot forgot about America’s true past-time. And then this weekend happened.

1) The Miami Dolphins win, ending they’re stretch at the most futile team to step on the turf. The game winning TD in overtime against the Ravens, a 64 yard TD pass to Greg Carmarillo. His 4th career reception came at a very opportune time for the Fins. They managed not only to avoid the 0-fer mark but they also managed to squeak out a win in the 14th game, so as not to tie the previous mark of 0-14 by the 76 Bucs. Did I mention that this win came at the hands of the Ravens team who 2 weeks ago almost, and could have beat the Patriots if not for a few stupid penalties. My personal favorite quote from the affair came from the former Fins DE Jim Mandich, in attendance with most of the rest of the ’72 Fins celebrating their 25th anniversary of the season, "One-and-15, is just another forgotten, bad season… you had the perfect-season Miami Dolphins, and the fear in the back of your head that it could be the win-less Miami Dolphins in the same building, was something I didn't want to talk about for a long time.” Pretty much summing up the fact that his ’72 team was incredible, and that this team was destined to lose the next two, the winner of 2007’s backhanded compliment award. If only the Ravens could have pulled out that win 2 weeks ago, even more glaring. They could have been responsible for ending both perfect seasons.

2) The Jacksonville Jaguars are 10-4 after a good victory over the once mighty Steelers (0-2 in the last 2) and primed to make a strong playoff push in the increasingly comparable AFC. Who saw that at the start of the season? I’ve always thought Del Rio would be able to do something there, it looks like he’s finally doing something right.

3) The Cleveland Browns. Now 9-5 after an 8-0 whooping of Buffalo in a winter wonderland, play the Bungles and the Niners, pretty much ensuring their second playoff appearance since they re-entered the league. You have to cheer for this Browns team. Destined to mediocrity over the last few years, and starting as an expansion team with a storied history not too long ago. The only downside is how this team will falter in the playoffs. I think this would be the best story if they could pull off a Super Bowl win after all that has gone wrong in Cleveland over the last 25 years, but history is not on their side. If you look at major accomplishments over the last quarter of a century featuring a team from Cleveland, they are usually involved on the right side of the post-game column.

4) The fourteenth game of the century this season, once again featuring the Patriots, in the epic battle of Man-genius vs. the Hoodie. In what many thought was going to be the biggest blowout since the forward pass was invented (it opened in Vegas at 27.5) the Pats pulled out a simple 20-10 victory. And Embattled Chad Pennington actually outplayed the GQ Cover Boy Tom Brady.

5) Carolina beat Seattle, further confusing everything in NFC playoff picture, under the apparently competent arm of Matt Moore (official picture at right), their 4th starting QB of the season. The undrafted Free Agent completed 19 passes for 208 yards and no INTs. Is this the next Tony Romo? Probably not but if it is I get credit for calling it first.

6) Jon Kitna might need to ask for a little more help from the Guy Upstairs. The Lions, who tricked many after the 6-2 start to the season, have returned to the real Matt Millen era Lions we all know and love after losing the last 6, most recently to the Bolts 51-14.

7) Bromo needs to stop bringing girls to the game to watch him. With the gorgeous Jessica sitting in a suite upstairs in her pink Number 9 jersey, Bromo put on a show with 0 TDs and 3 Picks in Dallas’ second loss of the season. In last year’s December Philly game in Dallas when Carrie Underwood was in attendance, Romo’s boys lost and he posted a sub 50 QB rating. This year, same game, new gal-pal, the star of Blonde Ambition hitting the shelves at the Hollywood Video near you, Romo posted a career low 22.2 rating. In those two games combined he’s 27 for 65 for 356 yds 1 TD and 5 picks. Stop playing the Eagles in December at home. Stop bringing your blonde, singer girlfriends to the game. Stop throwing picks. Although I didn’t mind the camera flashing on either one of them repeatedly.

That’s a quick overview of this weekends NFL action and now you’re all caught up ready for post season action. Bears V. Nordics tonight, Orton is starting. Are you ready for some football? Stay tuned for a more in depth breakdown of the dismal Cleveland luck of recent years. If I don’t get to it sometime soon, I’m sure 4 Real might make a guest appearance to put one up.