Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Return of the Reign Man

The day we all feared for a while has come. Few thought of the dramatic ramifications of his actions years ago. The butt of many jokes, but alas, he who laughs last. Like that episode of Family Guy where mini half-baby/half-octopus Stewies take over the post apocalyptic Rhode Island, the offspring of none other than Shawn Kemp will soon be running the floor in NCAA cities near you. (Pictured above is a 1999 Kemp family BBQ)

Shawn Kemp, the former Reign Man in the NBA. The man, who with Gary Payton put the Seattle Supersonics on the map, and who also gained about 85 pounds during the lockout pretty much ending his career in those god-awful black and blue paint splatter CAVS jerseys in recent memory, is laughing at the rest of us now. We made fun of his repeated attempts to father as many children as physically possible. We made fun of the fact that his monthly child-support payments would feed Three quarters of Nigeria. Now the first Shawn Kemp Jr. takes the stage as one of the highest ranked players of the 2009 college recruiting class. Just wait. Somewhere in the not – to – distant future Kemp Sr. will be cashing in on those child support payments when we hear this, “Kemp brings the ball up the court, he dishes it off to Johnson, covered by … Kemp, Johnson passes it to a streaking Kemp… Kemp double teamed hands it off to Kemp in the post he goes up with it and blocked by Kemp.” It’s a very real possibility.

And on a side note most people who dress up as Santa do it for charity or for their own kids, Shawn Kemp does it for both.
(Pictured here is Kemp with his Daughters last Christmas)

Kemp might have more kids than seasons in the NBA (at least 12 or 13 out of wedlock will soon get what some only dream of. A legitimate (or illegitimate as the case may be) shot at fathering an entire professional basketball team, or at the very least the starting line-up.