Saturday, December 29, 2007

NCAA Football Bowl Games 2007 - Taking a Breather from the action

Taking a small intermission from my strenuous vaca, I dropped back in Phoenix to put in some face time with the my newly graduated brethren, before I get to witness another New Years Eve on the Vegas strip.  Oh yes I will be ringing in the New Year on the road which will be the most Urinated-on piece of asphalt on the West Coast.  Anyways...the last week or so has been mediocre in terms of bowl games - awesome for me in the football pools though - with the exception of the Purple Pirates of ECU taking some glory from Boise State, so Bones and 4real - don't ever question me picking ECU for a round of NC dubs ever again.  Also, Central Michigan - who I'll admit I never followed or knew about - gave Purdue a little scare, boasting how underrated C. Mich is or the fact that Purdue truly does suck.  I'll stick with the latter.  Things to look forward to:

-The coaching scandals affecting bowl games
-The Water Boy actually playing for Florida State
- Joe Pa coaching his 500th bowl game as a puppet
-The Lop-Sided Rose Bowl
-Oklahoma taking a dump on WVU's chest

Hope everyone had a fun Jesus Day or the Oil Lasted in your candles or You didn't get embarrassed in the feats of strength.  See you in the New Year.