Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Roy Williams - A real Cowboy

Dallas Cowboy Safety Roy Williams is being suspended for 1 game for a thrice repeated tackling violation - horse-collar tackling - of Donovan McNabb during the debacle in Texas stadium. The rule instituted after his leg-breaking tackle of T.O. a few years back, the All-Pro safety seems to have a learning deficiency when it comes to keeping his hands from feeling down other players while tackling. He is however a Dallas Cowboy. Aside from the fictional NFL team of the Nebraska Farmhands, I feel Roy Williams and any other Cowboy players should be allowed to use this technique. I mean cowboys do use horse collars while towing their covered wagons correct? Or maybe that was oxen...whatever they'll die of dysentery anyways. That and they still have 100 lbs of Buffalo meat from the early-mid 90s.


Dom said...

What's the surprise in him getting busted for the horse-tackling, made famous in the "Roy Williams Rule". That's like being surprised that Lou Gherig caught Lou Gherig's disease.