Friday, December 21, 2007

Wanted: QB

Chicago: (def n. : A Drinking town with a football problem)

The Bears need help. The Bears need a lot of help, in a lot of positions. The Bears have started the collection of Rex Grossman, Brian Griese, and Kyle Orton. The Bears NEED a QB. My suggestion would be the man pictured at the right. In case you don't recognize him, it's Handball legend and former NFL Quarterback Jake Plummer. The Bears need a starting caliber QB and none of the 3 they've trotted out this season are that. The Bears need a QB who can win games, not just keep the team in it until the Defense or Devin Hester pulls them out of it. Jake Plummer had a unique ability to manufacture wins when the games were close and in the waning minutes. He was an instinctual quarterback who needed someone to build an offense around his playing style instead of vice versa. I'm sure he's a pretty cheap acquisition. Trade Griese or Orton straight up for Plummer's rights. He's been in shape playing some serious handball, he left beacuse he wasn't starting in Denver. He can start in Chicago. He still has at least a couple years of good football left in him.
Besides, the man had some great facial hair. Or they could go after Drew Bledsoe and then find a QB in the late rounds or not draft one at all. The NFL rule states, find an unknown talent, pick him late or not at all, let him study under Bledsoe for a season or two, and you have a franchise quarterback. Don't believe me ask the fans in New England (Brady) or Dallas (Romo). Backing up Bledsoe must be the key to learning greatness at the QB position. Just a couple of thoughts.