Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Few thoughts on the Day

Well, the last few weeks have been crazy busy, and finally I can sit back, relax, and induldge myself in sports again. There's alot of thoughts running through my mind and I have decided to just compile these thoughts in one master blog as apposed to stringing them out.

Anthony Smith v. Patriots

Scene 1: Anthony Smith guarantees a win against the New England Patriots making the statement that the Brady Bunch is totally overrated.

Scene 2: Patriots say that they are a proud team and the pitiful words of a opposing defensive back is not worth their time. Randy Moss is offended.

Scene 3: The Brady Bunch stomp the Steelers, emphasizing the sheer mediocrity of Smith by picking on him throughout the game. Big Daddy Tom Brady decides to throw some lip service to Smith in the endzone. The Big Balls contest begins.

Scene 4: Post-Game Press Conference. The words spoken towards the Patriots are brought up, and contradicting what the Hoodie said prior to the game, he admits to being affected by the word lashing. Oh by the way, Belicheck said and I quote,

"We've played against much better safeties than him"

Scene 5: Smith is still talking. Vows redemption when the Steelers meet the Pats next.

Last time I checked, when you talked smack to another team, and they beat you, it's time to stop your yapping. He's like a retarded lap dog. How many lessons do you want to learn son? Now I'm not a huge fan of New England, mostly because I find Boston/New England more annoying than Fox Sports News announcers, but I do love cocky assholes getting god smacked.

Mayweather v. Hatton
Mayweather beat Hatton with a 10th round KO using his classic check hook. Surrounded by celebs. I haven't followed boxing since UFC was brought to my attention. I didnt even know people really still followed boxing except for The Contender. Mayweather is however unbeaten, props to that. However, the bigger news was that Beckham was at the match...interesting...

Vick and his new Home
There's talk that the sentencing of Vick was too harsh. I say absolutely not. I have to agree with Rome when he said "Vick's punishment fits his crime end of story". Some sports analysts are comparing this situation to the Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie jail sentences. In what way is multiple DUIs the same as A. supplying a medium for illegal Dogfighting B. Supplying a medium for illegal gambaling C. The killing of multiple dogs for not being "the best fighters". Not to mention his failed Lie detector test, failed drug test, and being caught lying to multiple authorities. Yah...totally comparable. Have fun converting to Islam.

Kyle Orton starting for the Bears
Are you SERIOUS? Just throwing in the towel like that?

Les Miles and Michigan
If you're not going to Michigan Les, why do you keep talking to them? And if you tell me you're just friends i'm gonna kick you.

With everything that has happened the past couple months in sports, I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the debacles that are going on now. However my weakness is the fact that I relate everything to that thing called life....where things usually level out for a bit...but this up and down trend is more inconsistent than Amy Winehouse's sleep(unconscious) pattern.


If McFadden wants to be the Heisman Trophy winner(if he decides to stay for his senior year) maybe he should consider dressing up as Tim Tebow next year.