Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Au Revoir Brandon

If you don't get the Au Revoir, how about Vaarwel in Dutch or Auf Wiedersehen in German.  No matter what European language you put it in Top Ranked Point Guard prospect Brandon Jennings has said it to UA and will be heading to Europe to test the waters in this unfounded move straight from High School to the Euro game.  

Here's my problem with that, he won't get the teaching needed to up his game to the level that's potential.  Face the facts he isn't LeBron and really most of these Straight to the Pros p
rospects before the "One and Done" rule didn't pan out.  In fact the majority became minor role players at best.  He will go to Europe instead of Tucson, get a paycheck instead of a stipend, and learn the European game.  Unfortunately, despite the success you see of these Euro players getting recognition (Gasol, Dirk, Parker) far more of them take extra years of development to get into the American game and even then, Andrea Bargnani, they don't always pan out.  

Instead of learning the game on a step by step basis, and having fun doing it, in Tucson.  He's going to turn it into work where results are more important than the steps taken to get there.  He will no doubt be successful in Europe and an 09 1st round pick but at what cost.  Not only what cost to him but future ballplayers.  Look at what happened when Maurice Clarett tried to change things and took Mike Williams down with him.  They may not have gone to Europe but their games didn't develop as they would and should have with another year of college. 

Adios Brandon, Good Luck, and don't say we didn't tell you when you're flopping up and down the court with the rest of your Euro brethren.  If you didn't want to come to UA and wanted to learn how to flop, you could have just gone to Duke instead.


Mikey Dubs said...

I hope Brandon Jennings goes the route of Marcus Williams when HE left Arizona at the absolute wrong time. When will these kids learn? The University of Arizona has had 29 players drafted to the NBA since 1989, 13 of them going in the first round and 9 of those lottery picks. And 12 Arizona alums are currently NBA players. Yeah, Europe is a much better idea... Lute Olson has no idea how to prepare his young men for the next step. Europe is working out great for Mustafa and Chris Rodgers right now, right?

Mikey Dubs said...

Give me a fucking break.

Matt Randle "el" said...

Hey, Sleepy Shakur did just win the Polish League Tittle...BJ has a goal to work towards now