Thursday, July 31, 2008

Manny being Manny: Los Angeles Edition

Well just as we all thought the trade rumors were dead and the Marlins weren’t going to be able to start another quest at buying a World Series, Manny gets traded. Ramirez will join my former Tribe veteran Casey Blake in LA. The Red Sox moved him in a three team trade involving the Dodgers and the Priates.

Dodgers Get.
Manny Ramierz: .299 20 HR 68 RBI .389 OBP .529 SLG
Red Sox Get:
Jason Bay LF: .282 22 HR 64 RBI .375 OBP .519 SLG
Pirates Get:
Andy LaRoche 3B: .203 2 HR 6 RBI .319 OBP .322 SLG
Bryan Morris (Minor League)
Craig Hansen RP: 5.58 ERA 7 HLD 25 SO 1.7 WHIP 2 SV
Brandon Moss RF: .295 2 HR 11 RBI .337 OBP .462 SLG

Just like with the Griffey and Sox situation Torre is going to have to make some moves in order to work him into the outfield. Right now the Dodgers have Juan Pierre in left, Andre Ethier in center, and Matt Kemp in right. One thing is for sure though, American League teams are probably thrilled to have him out of that explosive lineup. If you are in Tampa get excited.

4Real Out…..