Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Maxwell Watch List Announced: Two Wildcats Make The Cut

The 2008 Maxwell Award watch list has been announced and two of Arizona’s very own have made it to the field of 75. Seniors Willie Tuitama and Mike Thomas have both been given preseason recognition for the Junior campaigns. 07’ Saw Tuitama lead the Pac-10 in TDs with 28 and threw for 3,683 yards with a completion rate of 62.4% and a passer rating of 134.5. Thomas was the number one target with 83 receptions for 1083 yards and a Pac-10 best 11 TD receptions.

Here is the official list in Alphabetical Order:

* My Heisman Hopefull Picks are Bolded

Beckum, Travis, University of Wisconsin, TE, SR
Benn, Arrelious, University of Illinois, WR, SOPH
Boeckman, Todd, Ohio State University, QB, SR
Bradford, Sam, University of Oklahoma, QB, SOPH
Britt, Kenny, Rutgers University, WR, JR
Byrd,, Demetrius, LSU, WR, SR
Cantwell, Hunter, University of Louisville, QB, SR
Carpenter, Rudy, Arizona State University, QB, SR
Carr, Greg, Florida State University, WR, SR
Claussen, Jimmy, Notre Dame, QB , SOPH
Coffman, Chase, University of Missouri, TE, SR
Crabtree, Michael, Texas Tech, WR, SOPH
Crompton, Jonathan, University of Tennessee, QB, JR
Daniel, Chase, University of Missouri, QB, SR
Davis, James, Clemson University, RB, SR
Davis, Nate, Ball State, QB, JR
Devine, Noel, West Virginia University, RB, SOPH
Dillard, Jarett, Rice , WR, SR
Fletcher, Damion, University of Southern Mississippi, RB, JR
Foster, Adrian, University of Tennessee, RB, SR
Gibson, Brandon, Washington State University, WR, SR
Goodson, Mike, Texas A&M, RB, JR
Gresham, Jermaine, University of Oklahoma, TE, JR
Grothe, Matt, University of South Florida, QB, JR
Hall, Max, BYU, QB, JR
Harper, Cullen, Clemson University, QB, SR
Harrell, Graham, Texas Tech, QB, SR
Harvin, Percy, University of Florida, WR, JR
Herring, Keegan, Arizona State University, RB, SR
Heyward-Bey, Darrius, University of Maryland, WR, JR
Hill, P.J., University of Wisconsin, RB, JR
Holbrook, Chase, New Mexico State, QB, SR
Iglesias, Juaquin, University of Oklahoma, WR, SR
James, Javarris, University of Miami, RB, JR
Jarvis, Eugene, Kent State University, RB, JR
Johnson, Ian, Boise State University, RB, SR
Johnson, Stafon, University of Southern California, RB, JR
Kelly, Aaron, Clemson University, WR, SR
Kinder, Derek, University of Pittsburgh, WR, SR
Lane, Jorvorskie, Texas A&M, RB, SR
LeFevour, Dan, Central Michigan, QB, JR
Locker, Jake, University of Washington, QB, SOPH
Lucky, Marlon, University of Nebraska, RB, SR
Maclin, Jeremy, University of Missouri, WR, SOPH
McCoy, Colt, University of Texas, QB, JR
McCoy, LeSean, University of Pittsburgh, RB, SOPH
McKinley, Kenny, University of South Carolina, WR, SR
McKnight, Joe, University of Southern California, RB, SOPH
Moody, Emmanuel, University of Florida, RB, SOPH
Moreno, Knowshon, University of Georgia, RB, SOPH
Murray, DeMarco, University of Oklahoma, RB, SOPH
Painter, Curtis, Purdue University, QB, SR
Reesing, Todd, University of Kansas, QB, JR
Ringer, Javon, Michigan State University, RB, SR
Robinson, Zac, Oklahoma State University, QB, JR
Robiskie, Brian, Ohio State University, WR, SR
Sanchez, Mark, University of Southern California, QB, JR
Smith, Antone, Florida State University, RB, SR
Spiller, C.J. , Clemson University, RB, JR
Stafford, Matthew, University of Georgia, QB, JR
Stroughter, Sammie, Oregon State University, WR, SR
Sutton, Tyrell, Northwestern, RB, SR
Tate, Ben, Auburn University, RB, JR
Tebow, Tim, University of Florida, QB, JR
Thomas, Mike, University of Arizona, WR, SR
Tuitama, Willie, University of Arizona, QB, SR
Turner, Patrick, University of Southern California, WR, SR
Underwood, Tiquan, Rutgers University, WR, SR
Weatherford, Drew, Florida State University, QB, SR
Wells, Chris (Beanie), Ohio State University, RB, JR
White, Pat, West Virginia University, QB, SR
Williams, Jaison, University of Oregon, WR, SR
Williams, Keiland, LSU, RB, JR
Williams,Derrick, Penn State University, WR, SR
Wilson, John Parker, University of Alabama, QB, SR

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Dom said...

I would like to point out that members of my Bronze Stiff Arm potentials and my All Americans are well represented:





4Real said...

That tends to happen when you pick 25 or more heisman candidates and hundreds of all americans....