Friday, July 11, 2008

Favre's Return: Thank you from Bears fans

For those of you loyal readers that have been around since the beginning (I'm talking to you Hamden, Portland, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, Fort Bragg, Loganville, and of course Hattiesburg) you are all aware how I, Dom, feel about Brett Farve. Especially those of you in Hattiesburg. I have my doubts that any of those, surprisingly high number, of repeat visits from Southern Mississippi are Mr. Brett Farve, but if they are, Hello Brett Welcome back to the NFL.

I have been trying not to write anything about this whole Brett Farve debacle the past few weeks. I wrote more than a few articles about All-Time All-Everything Greatest Quarterback human being ever to grace God's green Earth. Oh...Wait I forgot I don't yet work for Fox or ESPN. In that case, sucking up to Big Game Brett isn't a contractual obligation. If any of this is confusing you go ahead and catch up on my past Farve Tributes:

For those of you with short term memory loss, and I mean really short term, like 4 months, you may have forgotten Mr. Farve's tearful, it is with great regret blah blah blah I just don't have it in me anymore yadda yadda yadda I can't physically...whatever goodbye (Hello) to the NFL. The media, who is madly in love with Farve, bought in ran the press conference constantly for 2 weeks. John Madden refused to leave his house for anything other than mutant hen stuffed chicken stuffed turkeys. Then we went into the draft a month later, Green Bay on everyone's mind, what are they going to do without Brett, how will the young Aaron Rodgers perform, he's got a half of experience (in which he VASTLY outplayed Farve) against the Dallas Cowboys. This was the first year in recent memort we had made it to the draft without wondering, and constantly having to hear about people wondering, what Farve was going to do. Stay or Go. It wasn't there, Farve was retired.

Going into OTAs we didn't have to wonder whether or not BGB was going to show up or keep everyone on the line until camps started. Then someone saw him throwing a football with some High Schoolers. In the weeks following we have heard of unreturned text messages and now officially Farve has asked for his release. Apparently he's still got a few more picks to throw. He wants to put more space between himself and George Blanda and further drive that record out of reach for future generations. The "Gunslinger" (which I'll never understand as a compliment for a Quarterback who loves to turn the ball over) wants back in.

Most Bear fans remember Farve leading his Packers teams all over the Bears throughout the 90s and early century, but then something magical happened. 2004-2007. 2-6 against the Bears, 15 INTs 2 Fumbles lost. It was great walking into a game with the Pack and being confident in two things: at least 2 turnovers and a 75% chance of winning. I may have hated you for awhile, but Chicago fans are the first ones to give someone a second chance. Afterall we no longer Boo Jim Edmonds when he steps on the grass at Wrigley like we used to.

Now the news is that you have requested a release from Green Bay. That hurts it really does. I would much rather have your old bones freezing up in the second half of the season the way it has the past few years, than some young gun named Rodgers who thoroughly impressed many in Dallas. I implore you, if this is true and you are coming back, can you please follow the speculation and come back with Minnesota. That way you don't have to miss a game to see your jersey retired in Green Bay (scheduled for week 1 against the visiting Nordics). You can just trot across the field in your super cool new purple jersey. That way we, The Bears still get to face you twice and most likely that's 2 more wins Bears fans can just put in the W column. Plus it will help our DBs pad their stats a little, I mean when the opposing Quarterback is guaranteed to throw 2 picks it's like a fight at the bat rack to get out there. Maybe we'll even let Hester play some (of his original position) DB so he can get an offensive TD, Punt Return TD, Kick Return TD, and he can take one of your ill-fated triple coverage bombs back to the house. That would be a feat wouldn't it?
Mr. Farve, clearly you should have walked away after last season. You were given an exemption. One last season to make up for those trainwrecks known as the 2004, 2005, and 2006 seasons. You were in MVP contention once again. You even got to end your season and possibly career on a game winning Touchdown pass. Granted it was to Corey Webster of the New York Giants, but just forget the last part of that sentence. At least you can still walk. Something tells me that coming back doesn't bode well for your physical being.