Monday, July 28, 2008

Your Favorite Sports As Drinking Games PT1


Beer Hockey is one of the most competitive and skill oriented drinking games that I have ever encountered.
What You Need:
Table: Preferably Round
Quarters (You only need one, but you will probably will lose a few during the game)
1 empty and 1 fresh bottle or can per player

How You Play:
Everyone stands around the table with a can sitting in front of them with both hands below the plane of the table. Everyone takes a turn spinning the quarter on the table (shooting round). While it is spinning the person who spun calls out the name of any other player besides themselves. Once the name is called that person must attempt to score by hitting the quarter at the other players cans. A lot of people play where you have to flick the quarter, but we here at the Bear Down allow full hand slap shots (That is also why we prefer using cans. With bottles there is more audible evidence for close goals, but with cans you get the satisfaction and bragging rights from dents). If your name was not called you must play defense by bringing one hand in front of your can. The defensive regulations say that you must only extend your index and pinky fingers keeping your middle and ring fingers back as if making the rock on or NWO Wolfpack gesture. From there you cannot lift you hand from the table, you may slide it to position in front of the moving quarter and that is all, you also cannot widen or bring your extended fingers together. A goal is scored if your can is hit. A hit can results in the player that scored spinning the quarter again (the drinking round), this time as long as it is spinning (all players can help keep it going) the player who allowed the goal must be drinking.

Other Rules:

Rusty Palms:
Occurs when 1. A player breaks the defensive regulations or 2. when a player does not have his hand below the plane of the table or brings them up before a name is called. Penalty: Depending on the severity you may give out a set number of drinks, call that they remove their hand and shoot on open net, or risk shooting at another goal and making both drink if you score.

A rebound occurs when a player has taken their shot and the quarter is still spinning/moving. At this point the quarter becomes fair game for all other players. This can occur after a save or goal, even if you have been scored on you may be able to get revenge in the same shooting round.

A) During the Shooting Round you have three attempts to successfully get a good spin off. After the third attempt you must drink and forfeit your turn.
B) During the drinking round: After goal drinking has a couple of different options in terms of the way you want to play. Option 1: The player keeps drinking until the quarter stops even if that means finishing a beer only to open another. Option 2: Shoot at your own risk. That is to say that if you score a goal on an opponent who has very little beer left they can finish during the drinking round only to slam it on the table before the quarter stops spinning. In this case the most common rule is that the person who scored is now subject to a drinking round.
C) Stopping the Quarter: While the quarter is spinning we used to follow the rule that said if anyone was able to successfully stop the quarter the player in the drinking round must either finish the beer that they have (we had a full beer max during some marathon games) or shotgun a beer. This can be dangerous especially when the skill level increases by basically eliminating the need for a drinking round and the heavy drinking both of which take the fun out of the game.

Cans on the table:
If a player’s can is on the table, it is in play. If they are getting another beer, left to use the bathroom, or distracted while making a sad attempt of picking up a girl who is not impressed with their new found athletic ability, then their can is in play. If you do not want to leave your goal unguarded than you must remove it from the table.

4Real Out….