Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chicks of the Olympiad

4Real got me amped thinking about the upcoming olympiad and I thought, "What better way to prepare for the Olympics than to list the 20 Hottest American Participants in the games." Go USA. So here they are, in no particuluar order. The 20 Hottest Olympic Chicks appearing in Beijing. I'm sure I missed people since the teams aren't complete yet. Also there are former olympians who I wish I could list but at print time, it didn't appear they would be on the team bus in China.

Logan Tom - Volleyball

Kaitlin Sandeno - Swimming

Mary Sauer -Track and Field

Brittany Dircks - Trampoline

Jenn Stuczynski - Pole Vault

Mikele Barber - Track and Field

Jenny Adams - Track and Field

Amy Acuff - Track and Field

Natalie Coughlin - Swimming

Caitlin Lowe - Softball

Jennie Finch - Softball

Hope Solo - Soccer

Heather Mitts - Soccer

Erika Figge - Water Polo

Alicia Sacramone - Gymnastics

Nastia Liukin - Gymnastics

Kelci Bryant - Diving

Misty May - Beach Volleyball

Brooke Abel - Sync Swimming

Sue Bird - Basketball

Now you know who to root for in the Summer Olympiad, enjoy.


Jerry said...

One to add: Ronda Rousey of USA Judo - tough finding great photos but here's one http://images.usatoday.com/sports/_photos/2006/04/04/rousey.jpg

Sports Tsar said...

i always thought trampoline was less an olympic sport than it was an on-camera hobby for well endowed adult film stars

How do you spell retard? said...

Should have had the Misty May picture from the other side.
That Olympian has a lovely pooper.

World of Isaac said...

We're going to need a reverse angle on Misty May boss

Matt Randle "el" said...

Ask and you shall receive says the all mighty one..Thanks Dom

SoxAddict said...


Well then.. touche Olympics.

Anonymous said...

See the 50 hottest girls of the olympics here from all over the world.

Anonymous said...

This is Wrong, Do some research. Brittany Dircks Came in 4th place during the olympic trials and is NOT going to the Olympics for Trampoline. Erin Blanchard is.

Anonymous said...

Brittany Dircks deserved to go to the Olympics she earned the spot, but had it taken away from her due to politics, its to bad they had Erin Blanchard represent the USA she made us all look bad!