Thursday, July 17, 2008

Greg's Back

Greg Norman is one stroke off the lead of the British Open, granted it's the first day, but still when was the last time you heard Greg Norman's name?

However, I'm so glad to see Greg Norman back.I remember when I was little I would watch and play golf with my dad and Greg Norman was the man- with the multicolored shark and the inkling that perhaps you were looking at the crocodile hunters twin brother-you couldn't help but like the guy.

While it is exciting to see people like Rocco Mediate, who apparently isn't buying his own Starbucks ever again, go toe to toe with Tiger, then turn around and lead the British Open, Greg Norman is old school and simple- a nice change.

Norman noted earlier this week that he had to keep his expectations low because he hadn't been playing a lot of golf, but I'd love to see him win again- I mean anyone that can pull off that hat deserves a golf clap.