Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good week for the Basket Cats

WOW....The stars seem to be aligned right now so that all things that BEAR DOWN are blessed.

First Agent 0, Hibachi, Gilbert the Great...Gets his huge pay day, over $100 million despite the knee issues.

I believe he can now kick in for some facility projects to match Richard Jefferson's practice facility.

Speaking of RJ, he gets moved to an up and coming Milwaukee team which I think is an improvement over an old and Kidd-less Net's team.

Surprisingly Marcus Williams received an offer from the Clippers.

No matter how you feel about this guy it's great for recruiting when we have a lot of players in the league and it's nice to see guys get a second shot.

Next up Hassan Adams is reportedly getting signed by the Raptors...I am happy to hear this..he was a fan favorite and again it's nice to see him get a second shot, he never stood a chance behind Vince Carter and RJ.

Jerry'd Bayless became the latest Cat to be drafted in the 1st round...and then traded...He is now a Trailblazer and teams up

with fellow Wildcat alum Channing Frye.

In more nice guy good news Jawaan McClellan was given a guaranteed roster spot on the 76ers summer league team...My gut tells me Iggy might just be behind this, He and Jawaan are good buddies and blend well on the court while really enjoying each others presence.

In a somewhat surprising up date...Mustafa "Sleepy" Shakur finally proved his doubters wrong and guided a team to the pinnacle...The Polish League Title. Go 'Staf Go!

In recruiting news as previously reported on TheBearDown the Cats have received verbal commitments from Greg Smith and Mike Moser. These two commitments are huge, not just because of the players we are getting but because of what may follow and what this signals. Moser is best friends with Abdul Gaddy, the previously committed and now de-committed 5 star point guard from Seattle. Gaddy is thought to be leaning towards re-committing to the Cats now. The plot gets thicker...Gaddy is teammates and close friends with 5 star SG Avery Bradley who is now rumored to be leaning towards a college experience in the Old Pueblo. Lastly Solomon Hill a 4 Star 2/3 combo from LA is still teetering on the brink and could pull the trigger any day now.

A potential 2009 class with a Gaddy(PG) Bradley(SG) back court and a Hill(SF) Moser(PF) Smith(C) front court is scary as hell....Maybe our own version of the Fab 5. Realistically Withey, Horne and Wise will still be starting in 2009 and maybe Lavender as well. What this class does is give us depth and sustainability long term, something we have been sorely lacking for a while.

Lastly let's talk Brandon Jennings...I am at a loss for words on this one. He has seemingly backed himself into a corner by shouting from the mountain (via his high priced celebrity lawyer) about the inequities of the system. I hope he realizes that Europe is not his best long term decision, he will certainly make money a year earlier but developmentally he would fare much better if he played for the Cats and learned from the best.

I think it's clear that the Silver Fox is still a force to be reckoned with...Let this serve notice to all the doubters