Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A car stolen, a Cubs World Series

As some of your might remember 4-Real wrote an article a few months ago about the Wrigley Field naming rights and Steve Zell. In this article I threw out there that if the Cubs won the World Series I would take my car down to Wrigleyville and leave it there to possibly get; flipped, rioted around or set on fire in hopes of getting a new car.

Well the apocalypse just hit because last night I walked out of my condo and realized that I couldn’t find my car. Now as anyone from Chicago will tell you obtaining a parking sticker is like questing for the Holy Grail and I thought after all the trouble of getting it back to Chicago from Tucson and finally getting a parking sticker my car would have a sweet little home- I was wrong. The Solara was gone and after checking with the city to see if it had been towed the truth sunk in, my car was stolen. I flashed to a conversation I had a few weeks earlier with a friend of my dad’s who had his new Lincoln stolen, he told me that when they found it all that remained was a pack of Newports and Old English 40’s- no good.

Yet somehow I couldn’t help thinking there had to be a silver lining to this grey cloud. I threw it out there five months ago- a Cubs World Series win means a new car for Garnes. Well I’m in need of a new car now and even though it’s backwards than I originally thought the Cubs are 37-12 at home the best start since 1916, leading the NL central, Kerry Wood is actually doing something productive and it seems they are going to need a bigger plane to take all their players to the All- Star game

I feel it, if the Cubs actually pull it off this year it will be the 100th year since their last World Series win and an end to the longest drought in major league sports history. If the Cubs make it happen then the stealing of the Solara will not be in vein- let’s hope I was on the right track five months ago and made the right bet- I’ll miss my car but if it takes the Cubs to the World Series, I’ll be ok.