Friday, July 25, 2008

Like Dom I'll Hold My Breath

So I started working this week so I've been MIA and am now back- I've found that blogging and working go pretty well together. First, I'd like to start with swallowing my pride and telling Mr. Matt Randle that he was correct, Greg Norman bit it in the final round- which I really thought with all his life changes he could pull it off- I still love you and that hat though Greg, so until next time you did well. On to more pressing matters....
I sent Dom's daughter a cubs outfit a few weeks ago and this morning I got a message and picture of her in it (it was awesome), which on my way to work then got me thinking about the next generation of Cubs fan, I think it's pretty evident Dom's kid will be one- but this lump in the throat gets passed down from generation to generation and without a World Series win, it's not going away. Everyone can argue that they get nervous for their team but for Cubs fans it's different, it's not explainable- it's a complete emotion.
I re-read Dom's article about the lump in the throat and although he put in a picture of Anti-Christ Steve Bartman ( whose still banned from Wrigley) and talked about the Cubs being the hunters or hunted ( which just reminded me of a safari)- I have to say I agree with Dom.
My throat lump is very very small- but today the Cubs are playing the Marlins and they are in the bottom of the 4th and tied... here we go again.
Like Dom, I say ask me in August- Wrigley is either going to feel amazing or like seeing your ex-boyfriend at a bar with a girl that's hotter than you, we've got a couple weeks to see.
I hope for the all generations of Cubs fans, especially Dom's daughter- the Cubs make something happen, we've spent a lot of time, energy, money, tears, throat lumps, burning hats, train rides, beer, heartbreaks, bags sessions, fighting with other teams fans ( the majority* of Cardinals fans are the stupidest people alive, and no it's not because they like the Cardinals) afternoon's and loyalty being a Cub's fan and while I wouldn't change it for anything, a World Series would be a nice thank you.

* As a disclaimer I'd just like to put in writing that I know two Cardinals fans that are smart and amazing, but they're the only two ( Alyse and Jordan).